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  1. The suiting thread

    He'd sure scored a nice one...Playa!!
  2. Gloriously off-topic

    Pray tell more bout this knife.
  3. Wetshaving

    Dude... i've exactly the same problem with the side of my chin.. I've got through numerous brand of blades but still having the same problem thus thinking a more aggressive shaver cud be the answer. Thanks for the info Zinzan.
  4. Wetshaving

    Hey guys...ya know where i can source Lords blaze locally... nearly exhausted my Rapira blades and buying online nowdays is just too expensive for me. @ Zinzan I've been using EJ89 for 3 years now and i feel like i need a closer shave...any open comb head you know off that can fit into my EJ handle?..
  5. Travel wardrobe: What to pack?

    Thanks for all the input.
  6. Travel wardrobe: What to pack?

    Dude...you're making me nervous..
  7. Travel wardrobe: What to pack?

    Guys.. need a bit of advise on packing and also layering. I will be going to Rome early next month (7 days)..the projected weather will be around 10-17. Since this is my first time going to europe, i have no idea on layering up, adequate enough to be comfortable.
  8. PSA: a/k/a The Awesome Deals Thread

    @BarneyWarehouse Sale Our Boxing Day Gift for You: Complimentary shipping on select international orders of $150+ USD. Valid only for UK, Canada and Australia from 12/25/13 to 12/27/13 EST.
  9. Travel talk

    Thanks 6..now i have other places to go other than DFO.. Wondering if there's any pre-love shops there?.. and are there any home-grown brands?
  10. What are you wearing today?

    Dude..could you please enlighten me on what do you think is wrong with that pic?.. Honestly.. i'm still a newbie at the do's n don'ts of dressing up.. Just a guess..could it be that the tie is out of proportion?
  11. Fitness

    Anybody has experience with GNC Weight Loss products?.. I'm at a point where i need supplementary help at reducing my weight.
  12. What are you wearing today?

    Ssshhh.. TS might hear you..!
  13. The suiting thread

    Haha.. Compiling evidence huh. Can't wait for Zarium to post 'Exhibit A'.
  14. The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Petia.. u're my kinda guy..