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Found 3 results

  1. wo; wool mo; mohair si; silk li; lnen- co; cotton All priced 50 euros meter on cuts over 2,5 meters and 60 lesser than 2,5 meters, And a few ones with different price. NO SECONDS OR REJECTED, ALL PRIME QUALITY. note the available meters are on the tag as ME( meters) Woven in England, 60 euros meter, mohair blend ------ 100% LINO - POSITANO, only 2 meters on a cut and 20 on another, ------------- 35 EUROS METER, 100% LINO 35 EUROS METER, COTTON/ LINEN SUPER 130S , 60 EUROS METER ( RETAILS OVER 120) SUPER 150S 75 euros ( RETAILS OVER 150 EUROS)
  2. Hi, just Arrived, limited metrages. Prices 50 euros meter over 2,5 meters cut and 60 euros shorter than 2,5. all the normal wools incluiding 120 but the Super 150s . 20% cashmere 500grs overcoat 70 euros, at 1/3 of the price or so. 100% cotton check, 25 euros meter. Tag means, WO; wool, SE; SILK, LI; LINEN, KS; CASHMERE, MO ; MOHAIR This is a blend of almost everything; This is my favorite, slubby 50% mohair sack wave like, super classic. OVERCOAT 500 GRS, 20% CASHMERE 80% WOOL, 70 EUROS ONLY
  3. Hey people, I've got a 3.5m length up for sale. Initially it was for my next suit commision but I decided to go for a SC instead. Im happy to part it for RM600. Let's meet up at Ah Loke on a weekday if you'd like to have a look at it ok? Thanks ! Pics below Uploaded with ImageShack.us