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Found 1 result

  1. And so I finally took the plunge into custom tailoring and commissioned my first suit with Ah Loke over the weekend. I told him about 'terrorsquad' and the way his suits were made with him and he just cracked a smile, telling me to drag him along for my first fitting next Saturday (4/2) Haha... A real legend. Being my first time commissioning a suit with Ah Loke, I'm unfamiliar with the way he works and thought of starting this thread to ask what are some of the things that one should look out for. For instance he was telling me to go for half-canvassing because it's faster, shorter jacket and tighter pants because it's more fashionable. Clearly those are a matter of preference but I have to insist to him NOT to do it that way and not cut too close to the body (prefer it to be fitted but not too fitted/slim, looking like a nangka close to bursting at it's sides) So, I asked for the usual options: full canvassing, two buttons, side vents, working cuffs, contrast stitching for the hand-padded lapels (he seems rather shocked that I asked for this). As for my pants, to have it cut straight, cuffed and not too tight to seat. (I'm afraid he may cut it too tight and will have to ask him to re-alter the pants, but that's what the fitting sessions are for, I suppose) Also went to pick up my shirt from him that was sent for alteration and realized that he altered the body eventhough I told him specifically not to (because I only wanted him to shorten the sleeves and slim the armhole) and he made it too damn tight. Even after telling him to open up the sides a bit, and he reluctantly did so, the shirt is still too tight. The shirt used to have a nice drape and now Ah Loke is insisting that it should be that way, with the button on my belly close to bursting open. Will have to bring the shirt back to him again and force to him to open up the sides some more and if possible have him return the shirt's body back to it's original width. Edit: I forgot to add that he made me put on a work-in-progress jacket that he was making for another customer to see how it would look on me. It had a rather high button stance (that how it should be for a 2-button?) and the shoulder pads stick out from my side. Need to keep an eye on that in my first fitting?