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Found 7 results

  1. NIKE Lunarglide 7 US9.5 / UK8.5 Excellent condition 9/10 RM115 (negotiable) NIKE Metcon DSX Flyknit US9.5 / UK8.5 RM150 (negotiable) BNIB Superga US9 / UK8 Excellent condition 9/10 RM75 (negotiable)
  2. Updated... See my SF thread for pics and info: http://www.styleforum.net/forum/newestpost/322440 Free for any Kerbau who will pay for shipping from London. I think it's GBP20-30? I might throw in another pair of US9D Allen Edmonds Stockbridge split-toe derbies with rubber sole too... if I get my Delrays successfully. First to send payment for postage gets the shoes!
  3. ***** SOLD ***** Just bought these from the US, size 10.5D, but ends up a bit big for me. Nice shoes, Goodyear welted with thick, double leather soles. I have worn these ONCE and decided that it's not worth keeping in the wrong size, so up for sale. I paid just under US$200 for these with shipping, now asking RM550/S$220. Official details: http://www.florsheim...tyle/12071.html Actual photos: (These were before I wore them out for the one time, also I have added shoe taps on the toes and heel, you can remove these easily if you do not want them) (shoe trees not included) For reference, my feet with socks on are roughly 28.2cm long. When I wear these and lace them up tightly, then move my feet as far forward as I can, I can just about squeeze my little finger between my heel and the shoe.
  4. Gentlemen, I just came back from a wonderful visit to Edwin's awesome Ed et al. showroom at Jalan Kilang, Singapore and can't wait to share with you some of the photos that I have taken from my visit to his showroom. Unfortunately I didn't bring my digital camera with me to Singapore, so I used my cellphone thinking it would be 'okay' but as it turns out, my camera is unable to capture the proper colour and detail of the shoes. (Which is also why you will not see me posting any detail shots for some really kick-ass custom/bespoke shoes that he has made for his customers - I didn't want the poor quality of the photographs to take away from how beautifully crafted the shoes are) Here's Edwin at his showroom cum mini-workshop and office on Jalan Kilang. He actually greeted me in a very nice looking single-breasted navy odd jacket made by Kevin Seah (whose place is right next to Edwin's and they both chums!) but later changed into this linen jacket made with Iris Tailor, which I also like a lot. I'll wait for Edwin to show off his navy jacket next time. Shot at 2012-03-13 Here is his little 'workspace' where he would do some finishing work and detailing on the shoes for his custom and bespoke customers. The majority of the work involved in shoe-making is made in a much larger workshop elsewhere. Shot at 2012-03-13 And being such a generous gentleman he is, he opened a bottle of 21-year-old Courvoisier Cognac which was launched earlier this year. IIRC, he mentioned that you probably won't be able to find this in airport shops or elsewhere yet but if one's really a big fan of cognac and want to give this a try, arrangements can be made. Or you can do what I did and visit him at his showroom to 'pau' a glass or two. Shot at 2012-03-13 One interesting thing about the cognac is that it's actually dated and 'timed' meaning one would actually know how many years these has sit in a cask unlike the usual selection of cognacs where XO and VSOP only represent a certain set period of years it has sat in the cask and not timed by year. Here's a detailed shot of the front of the bottle: Shot at 2012-03-13 The visit lasted for about two hours and we had a long chat on politics, shoe-making, bespoke suit-making (with Kevin) and a whole lot of other stuff. Edwin not only showed me some of his more interesting (and definitely unique) creations but also the latest line of shoes that will be introduced to his RTW line SOON. Since things are still under-wraps and not announced yet, I will not give anything away. One thing is for sure, them are some really beautiful shoes and I'm sure you folks would appreciate them. He has also kindly offered his professional advice on what sort of shoe design my next purchase should be, taking into accounts of my usual wardrobe, my expectations, occupation and personal preferences. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the next shoe for me to get is a dark brown oxford captoe as it would be 'most versatile' to dress up or down, especially in the conservative environment that I work in. I will most likely drop by Front Row, his retail space at Raffle's Shopping Arcade tomorrow and risk blowing my wallet wide open again. But apparently they are running low on the 'popular sizes'. Just want to share with all of you some of my thoughts on his shoes after finally being able to hold them in my hands. Granted I may not know anything at all about high quality custom or bespoke shoes, so I'm only sharing this from my own perspective and how I look at these things. In my opinion, you have to see his shoes for yourself and hold it in your own hands, aside from looking at the detail photos online, to be able appreciate the level of attention to detail put in by him and his team. His shoes are also very competitively priced (only SGD$250 for a pair of RTW! SGD$600 for custom made-to-order and finally, for the big timers, SGD$1500 for the bespoke service). I believe the quality of the shoes are comparable (if not better), than shoes that are much higher priced than his shoes. I've also checked out his RTW shoes made in the 'old last' and compared them to shoes made in the new last. I personally prefer the older last as I find round toes more attractive than the heavily chiseled and angular shoes made using the new last. I think it's a matter of personal preference here. I wouldn't call the older last 'blobby' but that seems to be the common perception judging from online photos and comments. One thing I really admired about Edwin's work is his passion and pride in pursuing his vision in shoe-making, and at the same time keeping in check with the realities of this business. He also takes into consideration of customer's expectations, especially with regards to choices, price level of the shoes and again the little details that makes his shoes stand out from the rest. We also discussed some future opportunities that we may be able to explore such as bringing them over to KL for a trunk show of sorts. Let's just put this question out and see if any of you would be interested to take part and pay them a visit if they did decide to come over and setup a trunk show in KL? That's pretty much all I remember for now (damn, I wish I also brought my notepad to take down some notes but ah well, was too caught up with the cognac. teehee...) Am gonna sleep early to prepare for the next day now. Also, I may very likely meet up with him again on Friday evening for something that I'm not sure if I should mention here yet.... Jeng jeng jeng!
  5. Sale is final. Price include shipping within Singapore and to Malaysia. Buyer is responsible for all taxes, custom duties etc Brand-new Anthony Cleverley loafers. Size: UK6.5D. Sold The AC range is RTW made to bespoke standards. The quality of leather is impeccable. The soles are sublime. See the pictures for yourself. There are some minor signs of shop handling. These loafers come only with shoe bags. Price is now more than 50% off UK retail.
  6. Sale is final. Buyer is responsible for all taxtes, custom duties etc. 1) Pre-owned Crockett & Jones captoe oxford (Model: “Hallam”). Size: UK6E. SOLD The “Hallam” is an extremely popular model. Built on a slightly elongated last, these shoes have the best of both worlds - style of Italian shoes and sturdiness of English shoes. Rubber vibram have been added to the front of the soles to improve grip. Remove them, and you will get an almost front new soles. 2) Pre-owned Crockett & Jones (for Barney New York) suede spilt-toe derby. Size: US7.5D. SOLD (shoe trees not included) The suede looks supple. The rubber soles are great for our weather. Worn less than 10 times. In almost pristine condition. 3) Pre-owned Brooks Brothers Peal & Co single monks (likely to be made by Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers). Size: US7C. Price: SGD$330 SGD$270 NOW SGD$250 plus shipping Single monks are a compelling natural addition to any shoe collection. They add variety to oxfords and derbys. You can wear this pair of monks for office and during weekends. They are just that versatile! Rubber vibram have been added to the front of the soles to improve grip. Remove them, and you will get an almost front new soles.
  7. For sale is a pair of underused Yuketen Angler Mocs in chromexcel loden green in size US8.5D. Created with true mocassin construction that provides the rugged comfort that is perfect for our climate. Yuketen mocassins are handmade in the USA with true mocassin construction. As Yuki Matsuda, the company's founder says, "Yuketen is only focused on the best of the best handmade boots, shoes, bags, and accessories. We're creating quality without compromise." Indeed, Yuketen mocs are lauded for being even better constructed and finished than traditional Maine makers like Quoddy or Eastland. This pair represents Matsuda's penchant for vibrant colour. The chromexcel loden green is a relatively rare colourway that is both casual and distinctive. The laces have been replaced with new rawhide laces. The uppers have been conditioned with Meltonian 'Sherwood Forest' cream and Lexol cleaner and conditioner at least a half-dozen times. I bought it practically unused and I am selling it after less than 10 wears. I just find that they don't fit in my rotation. This pair retailed for around USD400 when it was still available new. Asking SOLD or best offer, includes shipping to MY or SG.