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Bought some stuff for Drake's as a pet project on whether one can just create a website, buy and sell gentlemen related goods online and make some money.


Anyone interested in a Drake's pocket square? Retails online for 45 pounds, looking to sell it for rm280 and will deliver it to you if you are in KL for free.


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Been a while. Nothing much to update. On July 1st, Vanda held a seconds sale. Bunch of ties, pocket squares. Before I arrived at 10 am,  there was already a good crowd. The announcement over at Instagram and Styleforum obviously worked. 




i scouted around and found this. Think it is called Rhubarb Matka on the website. This one I picked up was a custom. Never had a tie of this colour or close to it so with interested piqued, I bought it. Photographs are of my own.





Couple of things slightly irked me though.

1/ Gerald told me a price but when I went to pay, a higher price was quoted. I still paid because I wanted it. Thought it would have been nicer on their part just to label the price clearly on each item. Would not have taken that much work and kept a better customer experience. Many customers were unsure of the prices and had to individually inquire  or give up since there was a long line of people.

2/ Since it was a slight seconds sale, i was not expecting nice packaging. However I would have thought sewing on their labels would mean Vanda standing behind the product. It is a small effort but it actually completes the product. 

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