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The Denim (contrast) Thread

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This customer asked for both back pockets to have coin pockets in them. 

I could think of several ways to implement this, and ultimately went with this solution---the nested back pockets. Much like patch-pocketed jackets, really. 

(In the photo, the coin pocket has already been sewn, but the back pocket not.) 

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We've had so many difficulties with the silk screen printing. In my explorations of the silk screen printing industry in KL, I learn that it has become a very commoditised industry. Nobody makes any money in it anymore. It's heavily price-driven. 

In such industries, the smart guys are all gone. So, I've had to deal with many dumb people.

Anyway, unrelated to that, I'm looking to build a web page for Sava. Shopify seems to be the leading platform for webshops, so I'm leaning that way, except, it wants 2% of all revenues. Reminds me of mediaeval toll collectors on busy rivers. 

I am surprised at the foresight of my younger self. Years ago, I bought the urls savajeans.com and savadenim.com. I think I will build on savajeans.com, and redirect savadenim.com to it. 

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Making a jeans in ecru denim. 

What I've learnt so far is that nearly every kind of denim I have in stock has been spoken for at least once. Grey denim, brown denim, ecru denim, denim with crazy weft, cotton-linen denim, heavy denim, light denim,.... 

Customers also pick the craziest thread colours. As for hardware, some want steel, some want brass, some like copper... 

This all surprises me. I thought people would mostly want the typical kind of jeans. But no, they go for all variations of the jeans. 

But there is one constant. Everybody went for the zipper fly. 

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