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How to sew on a shirt button

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Thread a double strand of thread through the eye of the needle.



If you intend to do this often, you need to buy the best needles made by mankind. They are not found in the flat round plastic containers that have a variety of sizes and are from China. The best needles are made in Japan. Buy those from Clover.


Also very practical is a good thimble. Those used by tailors are open ended. The closed-ended thimbles are for women doing embroidery. Never be seen dead using one or you'll lose all credibility in the industry. Again, go out of your way to source the best ever made.



Knot the end of the thread and snip off excess.



Tack the thread. Tacking refers to the process of anchoring the thread onto the cloth. Once tacked, a thread will almost never come loose. You tack by jabbing the thread into the cloth like this twice at the same place.



After tacking



Now thread your button. When sewing the button, always leave a 1.5 - 2mm gap between button and shirt.



This is the stem before it is wrapped.



Wrap the thread around the stem about four revolutions. Then, jab the needle through the stem.



Pull needle through. This can be tough. Use a pair of pliers or a strong tweezer to help. Repeat three times. Snip off thread.




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kotmj you seem to be having a good time with your macro lens!  :D




I was about to make this comment. Good that he's enjoying his new toy!

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