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Here's something unusual I just bought. A schoolboy's "snake belt". Very stretchable, apparently.




Did some research and apparently they held up grey flannel trousers like these




"A simply fabulous pair of vintage grey flannel button front short trousers. There are no labels that indicate when the shorts were made. They are a 34" waist and are fully lined. They have a traditional 4 button fly, side adjusters, brace buttons, side pockets and one rear pocket. The shorts also have narrow belt loops to accommodate a snake belt. They have an inside leg length of 3.5". They are made from heavy weight wool flannel and are superb quality. These shorts are in very good condition and have no major faults or marks. One pair only!"


No intention of wearing them with flannel, just jeans and chinos!


PS: Everything about snakebelts!


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Just got back to Singapore and the jacket was waiting. It looks ven better in the cloth. Some very nice details too. Expect some pics in a couple of days from New York. It's cold out there!

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Trouble with Melbourne city is, you tend to find shops/cafes/bars you never knew about, even though you walk past the same street everyday. This leads to unexpected spending :(


Cotton poplin jacket for slightly dressed up off-duty:



When you feel like channeling James Dean:



Channeling the good Chairman Mao:





5mm polished bone buttons, check:



Surgeon cuffs, check:



Essential for lapel rollage:



Underside of collar:



Brought to you by the Nation that knows how to bring things to the next level:


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Awesome. Takes me ages to wear then double links in the morning tho - doesn't help that I've got dumb fingers.

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Lots of great sales going on now, especially at places like Brooks Brothers and all, but too bad I haven't been able to find anything that fits me! I have long arms. Argh.


You and I have the same problem. I have resorted to bespoked as I gave up on RTW due to this problem.

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