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A few extremely useful things came in recently. From top, clockwise:


Tronsmart USB Qualcomm 2.0 quick charger with all five ports in the quick charging standard. A Godsend when you are in a hurry. Had to get this in from HK.


An Opinel No. 8 with oak handle. I've always wanted an Opinel, and of all the hardwoods I like oak most. In fact, the coffee table on which it rests is also oak.


2 meter USB cable with 20 AWG copper wires. 99% of USB cables have thinner copper wires, effectively being the bottleneck to charging. There are remarkably few cables sold with an AWG rating, and even fewer in this length. Had to get this in from Taiwan.


Xiao Mi Max. 6.44" display. Typed this post on this tablet-like phone. Can no longer look at dinky 5" phones. Even the screen keyboard is larger. A breeze to type on. I enjoy the Android operating system very much; I am surprised at how clunky Windows 10 feels, and of course iOS is extremely forgettable. I am 100% on Android now; my primary computer is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S with a superlative 10.7" screen. Love it.

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