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The Rutherford

Music That You Listen To While Getting Dressed

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I normally start my day as early as 6am. After rolling out of bed, I do some light exercise like 20 push up and then later my mind goes into autopilot—lay out clothes, brush teeth, shave, shower, deodorant, comb hair, smell, pins, etc. I love taking time doing this. One of my habit is listening to music while doing so. My taste are groovy jazz to electric or something that will set the mood for my day (I dance to the beat sometimes).


My question is, did you guys listen to music while getting dressed in the morning?

Mind sharing your list ?


Other than the one on my tumblr, here is what I listened to :

They makes me feel like a million bucks!!


Parov Stelar - Catgroove


Aaron Smith - Dancin


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