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The watch appreciation thread

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The key to surviving covid isn't to be found in face masks and hand sanitizers. The way you counter it is in having a powerful immune system. You want an immune system that rapidly gains the upper hand over all invading pathogens. 

So I'm having an Ashitaba tea. A noticeably anti-inflammatory drink. 

I was never down with the flu in the last 8 years. Those few instances when I've had fever were due to mosquito borne diseases, which I recover without any help in 2 days. Recently, I was down with what I think is E. Coli for 1.5 days. That's how long it took for the food to completely pass through my digestive tract. 

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Well, I guess the improbable has finally happened: You can actually buy a Rolex at retail now. I think those names on the waiting lists have all evaporated. Next time I'm in Genting, I expect to see regular Datejusts and Sea-Dwellers in the window displays. 


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Pretty sure that not only is every Rolex model available to buy immediately, but that even the customary 20% discount over list price will be granted. 

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