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The watch appreciation thread

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About a week ago, while lying in bed about to go to sleep, I saw on YouTube a scheduled livestream of Berkshire Hathaway's AGM. It was not immediately obvious what local time it begins at, which made me think how nice to have a world time watch, say a JLC Master Control Geographic. Which, alas, I will never own because I will never buy another 40mm watch. I've come to realise I like my watches small.


I eventually figured out it will start at 5am. I watched some Netflix and such, and at around 5am, I tuned in to the livestream. It was just Buffet and Abel, without any audience in the hall. It was a virtual AGM. 

The first thing to strike me was that it is Buffet's last AGM. He looked very old, frail, and tired. His voice was raspy and indistinct. Buffet has left the plateau, and is quickly going downhill. He has this characteristic bloat that afflicts some people in their last years of life. Gianni Agnelli was one such. 


His voice was nonetheless so sweet and happy. This is an intrinsically happy person. I fell asleep listening to his spoken version of "letter to shareholders". 

In subsequent days, snippets of his AGM appeared in my YouTube feed, and in one of them, I saw he was wearing a gold watch. It had to be a Rolex Day-Date, I thought.


I did some searching, and indeed, Buffett has only ever been seen wearing a Rolex Day-Date with a silver sunburst dial. Except, and this is remarkable, it seems he has been wearing this watch for decades. Whenever there is a picture of Buffett with his watch showing, it is this watch. No other. 


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The strap is most exerent. In person, it is darker than in pictures. This is a great colour that makes watches look aristocratic. I think it's a colour that goes with all watches, steel or gold. Because the strap colour is itself quite bland, it makes the watch head stand out. 


The dimensions I gave turned out to be great. 


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There's some truth to that; this is the first series of pics of said seiko that accentuates its chunkiness and angles. I very much like the watch now.

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I've had such a tough time getting this beige to show accurately. After adjusting exposure, tint, and temperature, and boosting the red channel, this comes quite close to how the eye sees the colour. Phew. 

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