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Assorted Carmina Shoes - Leather & Cordovan - US9D - S$150 per pair

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If you are a true US 9D, these will fit you.


They haven't been worn a lot.


I can assure you the soles on all are fine.


I've taken care of these with Saphir polishes and creams.


They haven't been polished in a while, since they haven't been worn.

Don't be alarmed at the markings on the cordovan pairs...it's a trait of

cordovan and it can be polished out....google for info.


Items are exactly as per the pics. They all have shoe bags but no boxes.


PM if interested. No shipping, prefer to deal face to face.


1. Leather 2-Eyelet Derby Rain Last Leather Sole 




2. Navy Cordovan Wholecut Rain Last Leather Sole 



3. Leather Braided Loafer Uetam Last Leather Sole 



4. Dark Cognac Cordovan Blucher Oscar Last Dainite Sole 



5. Burgundy Cordovan Single Monk Rain Last Leather Sole



6. Grained Leather Wingtip Brogue Oscar Last Dainite Sole




7. Whisky Cordovan Double Monk Inca Last Leather Sole



8. Dark Cognac Frankenstitch Blucher Oscar Last Leather Sole


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Hey the forum was down for a while, so could not receive or reply to any messages.


Anyway Ive sold a few pairs since then, on another forum.


It would be poor form to link that listing here, so if you find it, you find it.


Meanwhile, please treat this listing as withdrawn.

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