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When I first saw the above post by holymoly, I thought it was just another swank tailor outlet opening. Like so many. Mushrooms sprouting. The name was faintly familiar, but it is so generic it could have been anyone.


Then today it occured to me I know Thomas Wong. Except, the Thomas Wong I thought I knew was an old retiring man who seems relatively indifferent to money. Or at least, the hot blush of money fervour was not on his face. He saw each customer, fitted, and cut himself, and sew each garment he makes together with his wife. Employed no one. Did no marketing. He kept talking about lifetime management, i.e, how to best manage the remaining years. He said he already has more than enough to last him his natural life. He wasn't aiming for more. He wasn't a capitalist.


Which was why I did not recognise the name. Because I did not think he would open a swank outlet in the middle of town. And become a capitalist.

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I thought that I might be banned from the forum for 'advertising' so I am glad someone picked up that this was Thomas Wong's. Boat Quay is near to CBD where a significant portion of potential clientele will be working in. When I sat down, the first thing they showed me was H.Lesser Lumbs Golden Bale. Suit at SGD4/5K thereabouts. They recently brought in Piacenza. As of now, CMT is not accepted. 

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