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In Topic: The suiting thread

Today, 10:04 PM

Ohhh. The Germans, too, love their (mostly academic) titles. The Americans are less attached to them. Jack Welch is only infrequently addressed as Dr Welch, but you almost never address Martin Winterkorn as anything other than Herr Doktor Winterkorn.

In Topic: The suiting thread

Today, 07:06 PM

Otherwise, the titles become disorienting. They are also superfluous, like tissue box covers.

In Topic: The suiting thread

Today, 06:43 PM

I think I now have the policy of addressing all customers by first name regardless of title. So, when they are seated across from me for the first time, I'll ask them: "So, how do I call you?"

They might say, "Zul".

And that's the name that goes on the invoice and how I'll call him even if it's Dato' Zulkarnain Somethingsomething.

In Topic: The suiting thread

Today, 06:24 PM

Is it really necessary to bring out all the video gear to shoot a bit of video? Here's a shot of the Laksamana with my phone. Same production quality as most Instastories.

In Topic: The suiting thread

Yesterday, 07:54 PM

Actually, I really, really wanted a mamak macha type to model for me. I'm serious. He made a price inquiry via FB, and when I saw his profile, I thought I must get him to model for me. But alas, he did not place an order and I never got to meet him. Sunway medical student, grew up in Perth, one of his parents is white and another Sinhalese I believe (going by the name only)

I've seen his other pictures on his socials and his looks hold up under multiple angles.