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In Topic: Forum matters

18 November 2017 - 08:52 AM

Why was the forum down for more than two weeks?

Basically, CIMB would not pay Invision Power Services, the host of this forum. It didn't matter if I tried to pay Invision directly with my card, or if I paid by way of PayPal. I also could not use my more than RM1k of paypal balance to pay Invision because paypal has a policy of not allowing you to use your balance. Paypal uses your balance to invest in assets which yields it a profit.

CIMB doesn't itself know that it keeps rejecting payment to Invision, even though CIMB keeps sending me the 6-digit OTP each time I tried. As far as CIMB is concerned, no payment request was ever made.

I tried solving the problem by opening an account with Public Bank. But apart from my IC, they wanted proof that I really lived where I said I live. I thought it was stupid---what does it matter? I also had no"proof" nor was I interested in showing them any. So I left and went to AmBank. I could open an account there with an IC and RM100.

I paid Invision through my brand new AmBank card.




Thanks JT - good to be back online!

In Topic: Dress shoes

22 December 2016 - 02:15 PM

Just as I thought. They advertised themselves as lowest prices one can go already. One can only hope :rolleyes:


In other news my P.Lal Barkers are getting worse and worse each wear. I don't even know how it happens. It looks horrifying.




Thinking of heading to P.Lal before Christmas to see if they sell any solutions for this problem.



I've had this same problem (the pinkish blemishes) on a couple of pairs of shoes with this sort of finish (I actually have this same pair of Barkers too).


In my case, the situation has improved significantly since I stopped wearing those specific pairs of shoes whilst driving.