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#30655 Dress shoes

Posted by Hurmm on 03 May 2016 - 12:08 AM

I suppose my topic about brown captoe oxfords with casual clothing got swarmed by this sudden tsunami about JM Weston, Mercedes, steel mills, Meermins, and sultans. Anyway thanks riggy for your advice, much appreciated. I like the brown oxfords, but would prefer getting a more casual pair (assuming someone buys it). Don't ask me why I got them in the first place... long story.

On another note, I actually have a pair of classic line Meermins. Compared to my Carminas, the suede on the Meermins are a clear step down. On the Carminas there is a brilliant iridescence about the suede... Stroking it reveals a different shade of colour depending on the angle. There is little of this on the Meermins. Plus, the Meermins squeak when I walk. I believe I saw a number of you saying the same thing somewhere in this thread too. Has put me off from buying another pair from Meermin.