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  2. Caller: (**unintelligible words to someone else**) Do you make suits for boys? Me: Rarely. Caller: Do you or do you not? Because it doesn't sound definite. No point for me to drive over when you don't. Me: Yes, I would. Caller: How much does a suit cost? Me: They start at RMXXXX. Caller: Ooooo. Me: Now you see why rarely. Caller: Yes, it's OK. At least I know. This caller from her first words to me raised so many flags. A very high pitched, gratuitiously confident voice. And the way she talks down at you, as though you're her lowly servant. What I wanted to say was, yes I would, but not for you. Because as much as possible, I want to work with equals. When I go to a dentist, I do not regard the dentist as my servant. We are equals embarking on a mutual project to fix my teeth. This caller basically just saw a listing of tailors on Google Maps and called me. She regards making a suit like changing a car tyre. You will be surprised, but even today, I have customers who would order me around. I keep thinking if you're so good at tailoring, you should do it yourself. Let's see how far you get.
  3. Customer: 3 months?! Me: Yes. You have a particular event in mind? Customer: The economy is opening up. 3 months? Me: After 3 months, you will have a great suit. Customer: 3 months...
  4. Last week
  5. So last week, I had the crowns installed. 6 local anesthesia injections. The teeth weren't very happy initially. Some tenderness when I chewed with them. That's when I finally answered, by myself, the question I posed the low iq dentist. What do the nerves in the root canal of molars do? These are the nerves they amputate in a root canal procedure. What is their function? They feed information to you! They let you know when you're biting too hard. They tell you when the molar is not well. They do it by sensing excessive pressure, and by delivering pain to you when the teeth has been compromised. A molar without the nerve inside it is like a prosthetic which delivers no information about its current state. I don't think there is one dentist in this country who can put it so plainly.
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  7. Some employees never break even. They never earn their keep. Then, I would have lost a year of salary on them.
  8. I'm almost giving up having any semblance of control in the business. Too many things happening. The new employee is still in the learning phase, so still very slow and clueless. I am looking to make my next hire, but he will be relatively expensive. I'm also not sure if I should hire someone specifically to sew trousers in-house. I would lose money on that person for at least half a year until she finally "breaks even" and earns her keep.
  9. It's increasingly clear to me that my staff have trouble understanding me, though I speak English. Nobody understands words like displacement, severe, Naples, Neapolitan, rigid, frigid, gauge, concierge, etc. Their vocabulary is miniscule. Now that's another word nobody understands. Most of the time, they have no clue what I'm saying. I have to talk to them like you do with children.
  10. A reader from Singapore gifted me trousers he had made in Naples. When I receive the parcel, I shall write my impressions. It's not by the usual Neapolitan suspects.
  11. Apparently the biggest determinant of how well you fare when infected is your metabolic health. Covid really shows up those with insulin resistance. In other news, the embroiderer starts work Thursday. He teaches embroidery classes on Sundays, an activity I very much like to encourage, so unlike the others at JT, he is off Sundays. To compensate, he works Tuesdays. Here he is: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZCWkdHAqis/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I wonder how a jacket which was sewn by an embroiderer will look like? They judge their stitches by fractions of a millimetre.
  12. I am fully vaccinated (3 doses of Pfizer) and caught COVID along with a unvaccinated (ineligible due to medical reasons). We both suffered the same. Severe flu symptoms and fever of up to 39C for 3 days. My personal conclusion is the current strain of COVID circulating is not severe enough to cause death. However, based on the experiences of me and my family member, it seems like vaccination doesn't really help mitigate the severity of the symptoms.
  13. It was a hurried lunch because I had a job interview scheduled. The interviewee had worked as an embroiderer for Brian Khoo for four years. He went for a summer course in embroidery in Central Saint Martins in London to learn it. The tuition (some RM20k) was paid by Brian. Everything else he paid himself. It was a complete course in haute couture embroidery instructed by Elisabeth Roulleau. http://www.elisabethroulleau.com/en/ His iq came to 113. The buttonhole he made was the best of any candidate, ever. I suspected he would be quite expensive to hire. I asked. He replied. I was relieved. I can afford him.
  14. I went with Melissa (my employee) to See Bee. And met two low IQ people. One the father, the other the son. The father is in his 80s. The son is older than me. It was not possible to do anything with the stupid old man. He's mean-spirited, vain as fuck, and quite delusional. His son is too dumb to be of any use. We left for a sushi lunch.
  15. Out of the blue, I received a call from See Bee Tailor (in SS2). "My father is retiring," the female voice said. "Would you like to come see what you could use? We have lots of fabrics. Also sewing machines." The Mayang boy had once gone there. He came away very unimpressed. "They know nothing. So clueless. Can only talk price." I told them I'm coming tomorrow. I wonder if I will discover stacks of Engren mari punya fabrics from 50 years ago. Realistically, most probably just lots of uniform polyesters. But one never knows. Maybe I will discover rare old stuff.
  16. This morning, I had visitors from Ipoh. Two young tailors (25-yo) affiliated with Sayap Bespoke. They are friends since childhood. We talked about many things. I learned an immense amount about this competitor. It is a business started by a stalwart of the Ipoh tailoring scene with funding by one of the former co-owners of Oldtown White Coffee. They are in the trendiest street in Ipoh. Renovations consumed RM500k. I get the impression they are looking for the next stage of their career in tailoring. They are uncertain what form it takes. They were hoping a visit to JT would unveil new possibilities.
  17. The biggest mystery to me of late is why China locked down Shanghai. When Johnson met Zelensky in Kiev last week, neither wore masks. Some countries no longer have a mask mandate. The whole world is moving away from covid prevention. Yet, here is Xi locking down Shanghai in 2022. Suicidal. Ridiculous. Extremely injurious to the CCP's popularity. Why do it? I arrived at a satisfying hypothesis to explain Xi's decision after listening to the statin controversy. Statin's efficacy has long been challenged. Pharma, it turns out, is extremely cunning at manipulating experimental data. The pharma companies fought back with incredible ferocity. Billions of dollars at stake. Pharma must win. They used every tactic to quell the controversy. What if Xi knows that the vaccines aren't really as effective at preventing deaths as has been claimed by the manufacturers? What if Xi knows that millions will die if the virus spreads through the land, vaccinated or not? Then it makes sense to lock Shanghai down. They market Sinovac one way. But they don't actually believe it themselves.
  18. The boss dentist, a man in his 30s, was unhappy that I disagreed with his staff dentist I needed a root canal procedure. He dug at the tooth. He knocked it. "Any pain?" he asked. Only when you contact the nerve, I told him. Otherwise nothing. "OK, I'll fill it. Then you come back in a week. If there is still no pain then we proceed to crowning. If the pulp is damaged you should feel it within a week." I dunno what this idiot is hoping for. The nerve has been completely unproblematic exposed since the second MCO. It can only feel more comfortable covered in composite filling. Nothing makes any sense here. BTW, these ceramic crowns sound like such a good idea. Ceramic is wear resistant, very tough, and acid-resistant. Makes natural tooth enamel sound so outdated. I wonder if it would compromise the other tooth it contacts, because that tooth is now cutting on zirconium ceramic. Human teeth enamel vs ceramic. What a huge innovation in orthodontics. Ceramic teeth can last many lifetimes. Humans have solved the problem of chipping and crumbling teeth. Millions of humans have suffered from worn teeth for millions of years. Within a generation, that problem is history.
  19. I upped the salary by another RM300. Now we are in the territory of the starting pay of University Malaya accounting grads. Within hours, I received two applications. Both are pretty high calibre by the standards of this field. Here's one: She's 25. After school (concluded with the above results), she went on to do a diploma in fashion design. Then, she went to MSU to do a bachelor in fashion design. In between, she had part time and holiday jobs in clothing retail. Interestingly, she part timed for a year at Voir in Paradigm Mall ( stone's throw from JT workshop). I notice that she has been cutting and sewing since 2013. She's currently in her hometown of Johor. She said she is willing to come back to PJ.
  20. I had a Malay boy come in for an interview. IQ 102. Buttonholes were good. Because he said he can, I asked him to measure me for trousers. Then, I asked him to draft trousers. He did all this very well. He really can measure and cut trousers. So I eventually made him an offer. But even before he came, he had already lied to me. After receiving the offer, he lied even more. haii.. morning.. sorry lambat reply.. pada pendapat sya the offer is good.. very good.. sya sebenarnya berminat sgt dalam pembuatan jacket bespoke.. cuma sya tak tahu nak bgi pendapat atau jawapan macam mana.. sbb tempat kerja sekarang ad bonus tahunan.. setiap tahun sya akan dapat bonus 3kali gaji hingga 5kali gaji.. dan cuti tahunan unlimited.. tapi sya mmg berminat dalam bidang bespoke tailoring.. 😅😅.. apa pendapat u? sorry sya tak tahu nak buat keputusan macam mana 😂 Here's my reply to this nonsense:
  21. A 20-something year old dentist was cleaning my teeth with a rotating abrasive tool. I was asked to gargle. "I wonder if the drill is harder than the enamel?" I asked. She didn't understand the question. "The tool bit," I repeated, "Is it harder than the enamel?" She understood not a word. She asked: Harh? Harh? What ah? I gave up and lied down for more treatment. Later, after a 3D X-ray, she said a root canal procedure is necessary. "I wonder what function the pulp plays," I asked. She had previously told me that the tooth comprises 3 layers, with the innermost being the pulp. "We remove it," she said. "Yes, but what role do all the nerves and blood vessels play in the pulp that you want to remove? They must have a function, otherwise they wouldn't be there." She either didn't understand the question, or she didn't know the answer. She just sort of looked down at the floor. I said I am currently unconvinced the nerves need to be dug out, and need to inform myself of the necessity of such a procedure. I am, however, very keen on the zirconium crown, I told her. Well, I just googled about root canals. You only remove them in one of two situations: 1. They are infected. 2. They are inflamed. Neither is applicable in my case. This is a case of malpractice. Of foisting unnecessary procedures on the patient in order to make money.
  22. https://instagram.com/stories/mfstrap/2813409184202614771?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= My new croc strap
  23. I brought my white Tissot Seastar in for warranty service. The salesman tells me all service work for the Swatch group is centralised: Omega, Longines, Tissot etc are all serviced in the same facility. Therefore, expect to wait up until a month, he tells me. It is so unexpected to me for an ETA quartz movement to be +9 minutes/day. Unexpected is one thing; mind-blowing is the fact that Tissot's QC didnt catch the problem. So, I'm back to wearing my black-gold Tissot Seastar. It is so good.
  24. I don't spend any time on LinkedIn. Reason: I'm not a wage earner looking for a higher-paying gig. However, I sometimes end up on LinkedIn when reading the profiles of job applicants. Just now, I came across this unbelievable thing from, unsurprisingly, HR. In almost any company, HR is often the dumbest department. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/katerina-siokola-76aa68173_opportunity-hiring-hr-activity-6896900850589982720-eF_s?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=android_app The stupidity and superficiality! It could only have come from HR. And the smugness---the retard who wrote this is actually certain she can identify greatness. I give up. I think the CEO needs to go in there and kick a few of them into shape.
  25. Commentators I watch on YouTube are wondering if the atrocities they see in Bucha are due to frightened Russian soldiers retaliating or is it an order from higher command. So dumb. It's neither. The Russian army has been fighting non-stop for decades. All around the world. The people who join the army in Russia are obviously aware of this. They wouldn't want it any other way. All the young male psychopaths with wanderlust in Russia are in the military. The Russian army is a self-selected group of people who like to inflict violence from a position of advantage.
  26. The interior design students are all wanting to know when I will start fitting out the new outlet and if they can participate. I had to tell the lecturer it really depends on how well I learn to recruit, train and retain tailors. Because obviously, it's pointless having a shop and a stream of customers but nobody to handle anything. My efforts at recruiting have had poor success. On Wednesday, a new employee starts work. Sometime in August, another one potentially will start. But I really had to fight to get them in. They get paid as much as Sime Darby pays their new graduate recruits. Even at that level of pay, the level of interest is low. The Mayang boy has left. A few weeks ago, I realised that the trouser bastes were sewn extremely poorly. Likewise the vests. After 11 months of employment, he is unable to sew acceptable bastes. He could sew them well if there is constant supervision. The moment he is left to execute them on his own, the quality drops to excretable levels. Buttons were also coming off new jackets, indicating lack of adherence to established technique. All this underperformance is very familiar to me. It's what you would expect of low IQ people. There is no cure for it. He resigned. I was relieved. He starts work with a competitor tomorrow.
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