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  1. I ordered a pair of TLB loafers in dark brown suede from Yeossal as part of their black Friday sales. It just arrived and....it's too big for me. I've never worn a roomier UK7 than this. They are brand new, unworn. Size UK7. The perfect dark brown -- not too light, and not too dark that it seems black. And it comes in a mixed rubber + leather sole, which I always get when I get MTO. Super comfortable and durable, yet dressy enough. It's rare to find a non-MTO pair in this sole in a style I like, which is why I jumped on it. The shoes are lined but they are softer and more comfortable than my Carmina loafers somehow. https://www.yeossal.com/collections/black-friday-2019/products/martin-loafer-dark-brown-suede The discounted price I got it is SGD358. I'm willing to let it go at cost and without shipping fees/taxes at RM 1,100. . Since the fit is roomy, I bet many people can fit the UK7 of this pair. Let me know if anyone is interested. Need to move fast though as I'll need to decide if I want to return them. I can COD in the KL/PJ area, or thereabouts.
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