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  1. I mean, it's amazing isn't it. You're George Lucas and you hire this John Williams to compose a march track for your film. You tell him what it's about, pay him a sum that could buy a house or two, then you wait. Out comes something like that.
  2. admin

    Dress shoes

    Nope, no luck. Here's the url. http://s.kaskus.id/images/2015/05/24/54119_20150524100011.jpg
  3. admin

    Dress shoes

    Let's see if I have better luck getting the picture to show...
  4. An Imperial has already been unboxed at watchuseek. Gushing praise. Mine still with Misfit. When I get it it will probably have Misfit's greasy fingerprints all over it.
  5. I just activated the "mobile-friendly setting". Not sure what that does.
  6. Moving house is very disruptive! My new place is awesome!!
  7. The shirt below the buttoning point will not show with the completed jacket. Would you care to guess why?
  8. Cashmere scarf, wool overcoat, wool (-mohair?) jacket, cotton shirt, stainless steel watch, blue steel hands & silk tie?
  9. Google Analytics is now live for thekerbau!
  10. It's not difficult it's impossible. Everything has to be flown in. The locals think Zegna is the ultimate shit -- a large amount of this gets made up in the workshop and the mediocrity in comparison to the retail cost is mind-bending. Zegna is a private joke among tailors -- they know its a circus. Here, the wedding market -- cost-conscious, always in a hurry, oftentimes black, customers in their mid 20s (first time in their lives they're having clothes made instead of buying from a mall) -- are served by wool-poly blends. The executive market (I use the word executive in the sense of top management) is dominated almost entirely by Zegna & Loro Piana. English cloths have vanishingly small market share.
  11. Hi goliath, I logged in as an admin and read the notice that there was another server migration taking place. Apparently I was informed via email back in December but I do not recall having read it. It has nothing to do with licenses.
  12. admin


    Style, you're already a member. You just have to log in.
  13. He has sold all (but not delivered) except for the Mystique which he clutches while he sleeps.
  14. Pants are really difficult to photograph well. In the first pic you see that there are far worse pants. Here are my suspender pants this past Sunday:
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