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  1. The JT intern honey trap continues…
  2. An interesting but definitely humbling experience when it comes to one’s limited dexterity when trying to pin a garment on yourself.
  3. This is how JT Tailor secures its steady young intern workforce.
  4. ^ Although no knock on audiophiles. Like many enthusiast pursuits, its driven by passion and emotion. They love the hobby so they go deep. Why lust over a Lange when your phone can tell the time? Many sane people may ask.
  5. I have a five piece wireless setup from Sonos - so fair to say its pretty far removed from what an audiophile would even consider a real hifi system. Compared to the single bluetooth speaker I typically use (or just direct from TV/ laptop), it is probably a 100x improvement, mostly in how much enjoyment I get personally. If I think use case; I rent an apartment with an open space plan - wires are my enemy. I have little interest in investing hours to find the right kit - the current system is self contained; no need for amps, no worries about matching/compatible components. This system also allows me to pack up my five piece system easily and quickly when I move apartments.
  6. Come here for the suits... kena audiophile racun.
  7. The wonderful sound of industry and the economy ticking along.
  8. "6"

    Dress shoes

    Bug on my left shoe photobombing.
  9. Luca sporting an Explorer II 16570 Source: laragosta tumblr
  10. Soon Grand Seiko will be the watch du jour of tailoring taukes.
  11. 60th percentile in relation to the population. And what about in relation to the pool of applicants 😛
  12. Post up your older classic tailoring garments. Show us archaic details, and long lost craftsmanship. ——— Found an old Spark Manshop DB Navy Blazer my father had made in the early 90s. Its fully canvased and some nice hand detailing. The cut is ordinary, no real waist suppression, but clean enough. Lots of shoulder padding. Cloth is a plain weave by Italian mill Guabello in Biella, the brand name is still around. Sleeves need lengthening slightly.
  13. He is also a fan of the classic oyster case. Looks like an Oyster Perpetual.
  14. Sexy. I looked up the cloth - 355g / 12 oz. This was what passed for 'summer' fabric in days past, designed specifically for the tropical parts of the Empire. I reckon it would be like walking around in a sauna if worn here. I saw a full solaro suit worn by an older gentleman during peak summer in Rome, it's glory was forever seared into my brain.
  15. "6"

    Forum matters

    For some reason (and it could be just me), the functionality of the forum on my iphone's safari browser has been pretty terrible. E.g. none of the photos posted by kotmj are visible (but they are on my laptop), and I can't even reply/make new posts on my phone.
  16. Scrolling through their instagram turns up alot of very garish stuff. Reminds me of Kevin Seah. There are a few examples of more subdued commissions, often ruined by horrendous pick stitching on the lapels which is a shame as it really cheapens the look.
  17. Wow I am impressed with the industry of Bespooked. They have a large stable of celebrities / domestic and foreign dignitaries wearing their garments featured on their website and social media. This includes English/Malaysian leading “it” man Henry Goulding and beloved sportsman Lee Chong Wei. Even Khairy is a supporter. They have 4 global locations in HKG, MY, Papua NG, and AUS. Guessing their prices must be approaching (if not exceeding) WW Chan! To think their global flagship in 1U is 10 mins from my home.
  18. Thats the quickest way to sick fades! But I always succumb to temptation to acquire. I think I have about 4 pairs of raw dark denim in varying stages of wear. Oldest one in rotation is from 2014/15. It’s also the great Simon Compton’s recommendation to just have 1 pair of jeans. Jajaja https://www.permanentstyle.com/2019/12/how-id-shop-on-a-budget.html
  19. "6"


    Can buy replacement gaskets.
  20. Are these the jeans you had on this afternoon? I was noticing fades were pretty amazing.
  21. "6"


    Belantara is indeed amazing stuff. Made some using an aeropress this afternoon, and found it produced a satisfyingly rich, fragrant, and sweet product. Like nectar. I only wish the aeropress could make like 500ml’s of this coffee. I think the yield currently is closer to 150-180mls at the consistency I like. Since I’m out of hotel quarantine, I have access to a mokapot again. It is still my preferred home coffee method by far. I like my kopi kao. There are some tips and tricks I’ve found to making more fragrant coffee with the mokapot, and less the thick/bitter stuff people associate with mokapot. The obvious ones apply to all coffee brewing methods: 1) Use fresh ground coffee (espresso blends with some robusta also come out great for mokapot, dont really need 100% arabica single origin stuff). 2) Get the softest best tasting water you can get / can be bothered sourcing. I just use tap water passed through a double filter. Klang Valley water seems pretty good, soft, relatively neutral once it goes through filtration. Then: 3) Use boiled water before you put it on the stove- to reduce time the pot sits on the fire. (grounds exposed to high heat for prolonged periods get bitter) 4) use super low heat, and take the pot off the boil as soon as it starts sputtering. 5) Stir! When using the 6 cup size and larger - I find giving it a stir before you pour it out of the pot makes for a more even product. This has less impact if you just use the 3 cup size. The coffee which comes out of the pot is pretty hot. So you can’t get all the aromas until it cools to drinking temp. For me, its best drunk from an espresso cup. Apart from the la dolce vita vibes, it cools the coffee you are drinking down quicker = hence better flavour. Enjoy with a beautiful cornetto con crema. Experiment with ground size and dosing according to the beans you use. In general, I ground pretty fine for mokapot just slighty courser than espresso. Darker blends generally requires less beans. I will always make a little mound of ground coffee in the basket.. the neopolitan way.
  22. Amazingly candid responses with substance. I suppose being the founding father of a nation offers you a certain level of goodwill.
  23. "6"


    Damn - need to find some fresh roasted Belantara. I just pulse the grinder after the bulk of the beans are ground, and gently tap the grinder. I find I get most of the beans I put in, less than 1g out of 30g of beans goes missing. But given I grind daily, not really an issue either way.
  24. "6"


    The Ode looks good too, and is quite well reviewed. But was not available yet. Super small footprint. https://www.lamarsacoffee.com/product-page/pre-order-special-fellow-ode-brew-grinder
  25. "6"


    ^ Looks very attractive. Screams build quality from the picture.
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