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  1. Hi Sir, Are you still selling fabrics? If so would you have any in charcoal grey or even darker greys than that for offer? I would like solid colors only.
  2. Dear Sirs, I am looking for odd lengths of cloth for bespoke trousers, around 1.5m for each swatch. If you have any you feel would be suitable or have seen choice finds online, please drop me a PM and i'd be happy to follow up. Looking for winter fabrics, a classic grey flannel in particular, and any similar to those from epaulet's latest "factory finds" http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/rivet-chino-factory-finds-fw14-patterned-flannels http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/rivet-chino-factory-finds-fw14-speckled-donegal-tweed As well as any 8oz wool / linen for summer. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  3. stgrim

    Dress shoes

    Dear Sirs, I am looking to commission an MTO with Vass and would like to ask if anyone knows the most affordable and fuss-free way? Would it be to communicate with Vass directly and wire transfer the money? Looking to MTO a Vass Austerity Brogue in Plum Museum, Size 41.5, U-last. Thank you.
  4. I wonder if it could be that I'm simply not asking a full enough cut for the pants.
  5. Finally got back my very first suit done by Iris Tailor today, the collar has been tightened and the pants have been loosened for a fuller cut; but alas, my thighs have put on weight resulting in a messy fit. For your critique: Also tried on the baste for the new Lesser suit, please ignore pant fit as it is far too tight and Nani will be loosening it for a fuller fit. Stomach bulge is due to shirt pooling in the front due to lack of belt:
  6. How wide should the quarters of my SB Sport Coat in Smith Finnmeresco 4055X ideally be? Open like this? Or this?
  7. What do you guys think about vents? I personally like single vents as I feel it looks more elegant from afar. However,my understanding is that double vents allow greater ease of movement, but run the risk of pronouncing your rump if the coat is not cut properly. My first coat done by Nani had a single vent, and I intend to request the same for my second suit. But perhaps a double vent would be appropriate for the upcoming quarter-lined sportcoat done in the Smith Finnmeresco 4055x. My concept for this sportcoat is for it to be so airy and unrestricting that I could probably save a damsel who had fallen in to Lake Michigan without even taking it off.
  8. Unfortunately I only had my crappy phone camera and it did not manage capture the text properly. I tried my best to colour correct it, I think it does say 4055X.
  9. My apologies, I thought it would link to the original image automatically. Fixed!
  10. Hi Guys, Just got back from Nani, unfortunately, she left my coat at home so no new fit pics. I committed to a fully lined light-grey 2-piece in H. Lesser 8/9Oz and another quarter-lined between-navy-and-royal blue sportcoat in Smith Finnmeresco 13Oz. I need to give her input on the lapel size (and any other critiques you may have spotted) based on my previous commission. What do you think of my lapel size? Just nice?
  11. Whilst I attempt to read all 211 pages of this informative thread, I wonder if fellow forumers have chanced upon any article(s) on the web which have distilled all the many details concerning bespoke clothing to look out for (how to look for a clean back, sloping shoulders, button stance etc, etc)? Something like a shortcut to assimilate the basics of suiting, from the perspective of the consumer or costumer. Thanks!
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