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  1. Only bought the chambray and green t-shirt from them. I wanted to buy their denim, but unfortunately, it was low-rise. I prefer high-rise so I can wear them with my sports jackets etc. Settled for the Momotaro that has a 14.75 inches rise, and is also constructed with Zimbabwean cotton.
  2. Might as well.. Am fascinated by the Japanese' attention to details. Visited Momotaro, UES Denim, Real McCoy and FIL to pick up some of their products. They're really quite pricey for RTW garments but, dang, look at those detailing. Had my jeans hemmed, and they do it in house with an old Union Special sewing machine. How is it done locally, if one wants to retain the chain-stitch, presumably using same machine? Hand shanked, and bamboo buttons anybody? ---- And the glasses, with the maker's name engraved. Cheaper than your Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples etc. Process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMJrZjyJa8c#action=share
  3. It's unpadded. I have strong shoulders (think I shared before a few times). Extended Hence the droop Think it's not perfect, but this is the first coat, after one fitting. I think there's a lot of potential, but that's what I think. Here's my coat, worn. Comments? Criticisms? Thoughts?
  4. Here's my coat, worn. Comments? Criticisms? Thoughts?
  5. Button. Really interested in the significant impediments to pattern matching and if the inability to do so is solely a function of skill.
  6. Alievens - on para 3. Yea. I dislike that too. That's a bit too much for me. Have a few like that. is there really no remedy for that? Actually, what are the main impediments towards pattern matching? How much of it is due to a customer's body shape? Does that ever prevent pattern matching (regardless of tailoring technique)?
  7. ^^ Haha, interestingly, I don't feel at all bothered by the fact that those lines are not matched perfectly. I noticed them when I picked up the coat, but I guess, I'm more forgiving of these (to me) somewhat less consequential points, given I pay about ~2300 ringgit for this otherwise well-made number. On a seperate note, my Poole coat, which costs north of a few thousand GBP, doesn't have the patterns perfectly matched. So don't think it's a positive relationship between price and pattern matching. Here's the picture of a Poole (not mine)
  8. In a large box which gives them a fair bit of room. They're not pressed and folded flat. Depends on tailor but for this chap, I paid 400 hkd even though shipping is likely only 150 hkd. They're typically fine after hanging out for a couple days. Never had to freshen it up though I suppose like dano said, can take it to a loca tailor or a Jeeves.
  9. Might be possible. I'll check. Not sure if he knows how to cut it/press it such that it still has shape, even without a front dart. I'm willing to live with it if it'll affect the fit significantly, especially since the patterns are matched. He's pretty good with his iron, however. I was speaking to my tailor in SG about the coats I had made up, and he actually said that he had made coats with box pleats at the back, and a one-piece back before. He says it's smth that he can do (and used to do fairly frequently in the heyday of tailoring), though he mentioned that the coatmaker may be fairly rusty and that he'd have to provide a lot of guidance. Am actually surprised that he'd be able to add these detailings. I was half expecting him to say that he wldn't be able to do it.
  10. Impressed that the tailor cranked it out in record time. A week to produce this! Pretty good pattern matching, and ironwork, methinks. Only bummed that he had it fully lined instead of 1/4 lined like I had requested. Can't wait to try it on Thursday, where I hope it fits as well as it did at the fitting The fabric: Coat with curved front quarters, with ample roll. Pleased with how the checks have been matching and aligned Curved crescent-shaped pockets One-piece back Neapolitan shoulders. Ah well. Only aspect I'm fairly bummed. Had asked for a 1/4 lined coat
  11. It is indeed English though it is indeed extremely similar to the Ariston fabrics. Have move along to bespeak coats with softer shoulders these days, as evidenced in the pics. Mainly padded with canvas.
  12. Some info on it - http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.sg/2009/01/one-piece-back.html?m=1
  13. One-piece - no. Primarily aesthetics and novelty. It helps ensure an unbroken pattern at the back of the coat Is about it.
  14. Heartily agree. I mentioned the same t0o. On the bright side, this is subliminal priming a lady for bed. Haha.
  15. Went to Hong Kong over the weekend and it must be said that there are several highly skilled tailors that do not require an arm or a leg for their wares. Am particularly impressed with the (new) tailor of the first coat, because he: 1) put together this number at the first fitting, after taking my measurements just a day before. 2) is both the cutter plus the coat maker 3) the general quality of the fitting - for instance, take a look at how the checks are aligned at the fitting stage. 4) his ability to execute details I'm interested in - one piece back and crescent pockets. Never experienced an aversion towards taking on these challenging orders from these couple of tailors in HK, whereas in Singapore, have been dissuaded from certain features from tailors I use. This is made out of Porter & Harding fabric. The second coat is made up by a regular tailor I visit. Could do with more ease, but, generally fairly decent stuff
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