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  1. Petepan

    Dress shoes

    Carmina by a country mile.
  2. ^^^ Thank you. I get to learn something new again today. Last stupid question, so it is technically possible to just cut one whole piece without a backseam? Advisable or dumb idea? Assume no pattern matching required, just plain cloth. Also, I just checked some of my Borrelli's and they are cut as in B. Now you have got me curious, I am gonna check all my other suits too.
  3. Nice. Did you just reverse engineer an existing garment, or is there another learning process to go through to get this done? BTW, there is a brand premium with Liverano. Not sure it is worth that much to me given the alternatives available in Florence. Plus plane tickets and accommodation are not overly prohibitive these days. The only constraining factor is time. ATM, I cannot afford to burn 6 weeks in Florence. I bet I would be utterly sicked of bistecca and lampredotto at the end of the stint. Nice to see you and your business progressing well. Best wishes. ps pardon the ignorance, what exactly is a side body?
  4. Hey Jeremy, have you tried to replicate the Florentine style of no front darts yet? Is it possible? Or you just dont like it?
  5. ^^ The Solito is nice. I have a similar one made by Luigi Borrelli, half-lined, very drapey. The patch pockets are cut with the top line slanting up in a curve towards the back, and together with the barchetta, 3-roll-2, lack of structure, accentuates the fluidy/curves of the whole suit. Very thin shoulder padding. A very relaxed look which may not be appropriate for power boardroom meetings (probably need a Canali for that). Just an observation that the curves/slope/drape of the Neapolitan cut may actually be accentuating the customer's rotund features (plus sloping shoulders). Good if that is what he wants, but I feel a more structured look may be more flattering.
  6. ^^ Shoulder lines appear uneven, appears to be a dent on both sides.
  7. Wah so seh-weet-weet. Nice color, what fabric is that? (Don't say lace okay, hantam you)
  8. Tailleurs Sans Frontiere?
  9. Petepan

    Dress shoes

    That is fine. Over time, as your foot sinks into the footbed, the lacing will come closer together. The lighting in the picture is not too good though, so cannot see the full details of your beautiful shoes.
  10. Petepan

    Dress shoes

    GlenKaren conditioner/cleaner gives the best results on calf as far as my experience goes. You will need to leave it overnight to be completely absorbed before brushing. Saphir Renovateur and Collonil Gold Cream are much faster and easier to use, but results not as good as GK (the shoes are literally glowing and smells of oranges- try not to eat them though). I have not tried GK on shell yet, and Renovateur on shell gives excellent results. For creams Collonil is easier to use than Saphir, and I have also heard good things about Burgol.
  11. More like a house with a faux brick facade over giprock, or a Georgian mansion with hollow pillars. Or the prospective jobseeker with bespoke attire and attitude 5 pay ranks ahead of qualifications/experience on resume. Or the accountant graduate/MBA who cannot tell me how to record a purchase of a computer via double entry bookkeeping, yet wishes to be a financial analyst (true story- 3 months ago). Eggs that are not real eggs. Soy sauce that is not real soy sauce. Are we really surprised?
  12. I can picture the grey blue check in a very light unlined soft shoulder SC with nice horn buttons. How much again is the price?
  13. Dont necessarily need Fox to appreciate flannel. And flannel is nice....
  14. Not against sockless, just puzzling incoherence. Just like the towkay wearing slippers with a Versace jacket, spotting sunglasses with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.
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