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  1. I want to get Garmin Fenix 3 HR!!!
  2. There also the shave shop an Australian, they stock the DEs besides the electric, i thought its only marginally expensive to buying in UK
  3. Zinzan


    Semua misfit mahu kow tim
  4. Zinzan

    Dress shoes

    So far the previous groupbuy it was taxed but we were talking really big numbers, my group buy was nearly 20.
  5. Connought was the cheapest shipping and great selection. I don't know how with the exchange rate but I suspect be cheaper than west coast
  6. Zinzan

    Dress shoes

    hahaha. i didnt realised that was JW doing.
  7. Zinzan

    Dress shoes

    I dont suggest using the spring type shoe tree, stretches the shoes too much and sometime destroy the inside heel of the shoe. The cheaper shoes should be ok i use it for my sneakers.
  8. Yeah i was discovering the different razors. I've covered the full spectrum in terms of aggressiveness and i've found my perfect razor or 2. Well some you guys like different kind of blue or grey for your suits and i dont see the point of having anything more in one shade. YMMV
  9. My razors are: EJ 89 Vintage Gillettte Slims A custom Rhodium Slims Gillette Red Tip Gillette NEW Muhle R41
  10. I've stopped acquiring wetshaving stuff quite a long time ago, after the Muhle R41, I'm pretty good.
  11. I know I've been tempted to pull the trigger
  12. Zinzan

    Casual shoes

    Hows C&Js driving shoes? Can you guys recommend a good driving shoes.
  13. Zinzan


    I'm getting this, now my home cappuccino making is complete. Been using the electric one, that can be my alternate. http://coffeacoffee.com.au/bialetti-tuttocrema And recently tried a kopi luak, came in a really fancy packaging. Like selangor pewter box thingy. I'd say it's really nice tea like, very light. I enjoyed it but I don't think I'll pay for it, honestly I'm quite happy with my waitrose beans, damn good value in my opinion.
  14. I can understand where you coming from, I'm much ingrained with the windows ecosystem but on a personal front I've switched to IOS. I'm enjoying it, it has its quirks but once you know how to use it you'll never go back.
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