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  1. I instructed the customer to please take off his Santos 35mm and took it for a spin on my own wrist
  2. So the architect came. It's just a navy suit. He didn't seem particularly remarkable to me. He brought along his Malaysian gf, who proved more interesting to me. She tells me she worked for Oscar Hunt in Sydney. At some point during the consultation, I took the trouble to make reference to P.Johnson. That's our biggest competitor, she tells me. Lots of ex-P.Johnson end up at Oscar Hunt, she tells me. Why is that, I asked. Because of the toxic environment, she replied. Who is the source of the toxins, I asked. Patrick! she said. Dictatorial...overbearing. That reminds me of myself, I said.
  3. Looks like I have to draft a morning dress today. The customer actually paid the deposit. No way out for me now. For garments I very rarely make, I always have to consult the textbooks. It takes a long time to cut such a thing. Easily one whole day.
  4. Some of you may have heard of Jean-Michel Gathy, the famous hotel and resort architect, who, incongruously, is based in KL. One of his architects is coming Saturday for a suit. Spanish, studied in Lisbon and Florence, and has been working on hotel projects all his career. I wonder how he will pick his cloth.
  5. I have wondered what people think of this impromptu video and now I know! Everybody too polite to tell me the truth. Summary: 1. Very nice cotton cloth 2. Back rise very high relative to front. Unusual because the customer had no central obesity. The excess back rise would find no support by the anatomy, causing it to collapse and form a lot of corrugation around hamstring level. 3. In absolute terms, the rise is long relative to my own practice but less than old school London tailors and to Ambrosi. 4. Nothing on the trouser was sewn by hand. Everything was sewn on a machine. 5. The bottom opening is almost identical to what I would normally do for a trouser of this size. It is 15.5".
  6. I honestly thought covid took you away. Glad you're still around.
  7. I delivered a suit today to a young (20-something) customer. He's quite heavy. There were challenges at the back neck during the fittings, but they were mostly resolved. There are very few "standard" bodies. With each customer, you are solving specific fit faults, and at the same time finding the best silhouette. I admired the decisions I made with this suit. The overall appearance is natural, sculpted, smooth.
  8. Did you know that 99.99% of the salmon sold in this country come from farms? They are a commodity that is industrially bred and raised. Unlike wild salmon which has carotenoids in its flesh from eating wild crustaceans (which in turn got it from algae), the commercially farmed ones would have grey flesh. So, a synthetic pigment is added to their feed to give them the orange colour. Vegetables contain beta carotene, which is an orange colourant. The chlorophyll makes them look green, but they are packed with orange beta carotenes. Today I met someone. I kept wondering why his skin is grey. Then I realized he is low on beta carotene. This guy doesn't eat much vegetables. He is like commercially farmed salmon but without the synthetic pigment.
  9. I left a Google review of the dentist who put the PFM crowns over my molars. I rarely ever leave reviews. On the few occasions I did, I was very pissed and wanted to kill someone. Since I can't do that, I did the next best thing. The dentist never left my mind in all these weeks. I think it's because of how similar our businesses and persons are. He is trying to be the best dentist possible. Everything is optimised for performance. His entire practice is very customer-oriented. The customer and his needs come first. I often leave dentists with the feeling that the filling could have been crafted better. Dentistry, I now see, is like a craft. Different dentists prioritize different aspects of their practice. Some, quite simply, prioritize speed. Treat the patient as quickly as possible then NEXT! I met one who prioritized authority: she explained to me the strategy dentists were taught in preparing a molar for filling. I think this dentist I used got his priority right. Which is, to learn to craft the most natural and functional filling. He has the sensibilities of a sculptor/constructor. He doesn't tell you much. But I find myself so glad the teeth are so well contured/sculpted. From my own tailoring practice, I know how difficult it is to achieve such a thing.
  10. Caller: (**unintelligible words to someone else**) Do you make suits for boys? Me: Rarely. Caller: Do you or do you not? Because it doesn't sound definite. No point for me to drive over when you don't. Me: Yes, I would. Caller: How much does a suit cost? Me: They start at RMXXXX. Caller: Ooooo. Me: Now you see why rarely. Caller: Yes, it's OK. At least I know. This caller from her first words to me raised so many flags. A very high pitched, gratuitiously confident voice. And the way she talks down at you, as though you're her lowly servant. What I wanted to say was, yes I would, but not for you. Because as much as possible, I want to work with equals. When I go to a dentist, I do not regard the dentist as my servant. We are equals embarking on a mutual project to fix my teeth. This caller basically just saw a listing of tailors on Google Maps and called me. She regards making a suit like changing a car tyre. You will be surprised, but even today, I have customers who would order me around. I keep thinking if you're so good at tailoring, you should do it yourself. Let's see how far you get.
  11. Customer: 3 months?! Me: Yes. You have a particular event in mind? Customer: The economy is opening up. 3 months? Me: After 3 months, you will have a great suit. Customer: 3 months...
  12. So last week, I had the crowns installed. 6 local anesthesia injections. The teeth weren't very happy initially. Some tenderness when I chewed with them. That's when I finally answered, by myself, the question I posed the low iq dentist. What do the nerves in the root canal of molars do? These are the nerves they amputate in a root canal procedure. What is their function? They feed information to you! They let you know when you're biting too hard. They tell you when the molar is not well. They do it by sensing excessive pressure, and by delivering pain to you when the teeth has been compromised. A molar without the nerve inside it is like a prosthetic which delivers no information about its current state. I don't think there is one dentist in this country who can put it so plainly.
  13. Some employees never break even. They never earn their keep. Then, I would have lost a year of salary on them.
  14. I'm almost giving up having any semblance of control in the business. Too many things happening. The new employee is still in the learning phase, so still very slow and clueless. I am looking to make my next hire, but he will be relatively expensive. I'm also not sure if I should hire someone specifically to sew trousers in-house. I would lose money on that person for at least half a year until she finally "breaks even" and earns her keep.
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