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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CY8y_GZh-5v/?utm_medium=copy_link These dudes are stupid. No professional works like that. First of all, real professionals work long hours. 10 hours per day at least, 6 days a week if not more. Because of the long hours, the intensity has to be low. You won't see anyone bent over like that with such a grim expression and training their gaze with such extraordinary intensity at, what, the shears going through cloth? Dude, pros can cut blindfolded, they don't need their eyes to be a few inches away from the cloth. Monkeys in a circus, these dudes.
  2. Four tables. One per associate. I still need an intern table.
  3. You also have to apply finishing to both surfaces of the board to prevent warping.
  4. (I'm supposed to apply at least 3 coats of hard wax. It takes 24 hours for the finish to sort of harden between coats.) Basically, just finishing a board like this takes a week.
  5. After water popping and sanding, I applied the first coat of the hard wax. This oak board is RM280/piece. The reason it's so cheap is manyfold. First, it's made from short lengths of wood. So, basically, from the scraps. Second, lots of it is sapwood. Third, it's quite thin at only 15mm. A board like this can also cost RM4k. In that situation, it would have been custom made to your specifications by a cabinetmaker. He would select continuous, wide planks of oak heartwood. He would make sure the planks are beautifully grained and relatively homogeneous. After gluing and planing, he would finish them by hand in a high quality hard wax. The entire process requires care, a level of IQ not much lower than 100 if not higher, and time. Even at RM4k, he barely makes any money.
  6. Left, old sleeve board. Right, new. I've not used it yet and am not entirely convinced it will work. It appears very high volume. Made in a village in Terengganu. From the same village, a collar buck. Made specifically for pressing jacket collars.
  7. Because these red oak boards are a raw material and not a piece of finished furniture, they have a variety of flaws and are bare wood. Above, I had brushed out worm holes. The two bottles of epoxy will be used to fill the void. I filled the worm holes with epoxy. All the voids filled up. After 20 hours, the epoxy will have hardened. I will then sand the surface with a random orbital sander. Thereafter, the edges need to be chamfered. After that, finishing. I bought a very interesting hard wax finish, which I shall introduce in due time.
  8. In fact you see them at the extreme left of the picture leaning against the blinds.
  9. I actually bought 3 finger jointed oak boards 8 feet X 3 feet a few weeks ago from someone in Kedah and had it transported by lorry to the new shop. RM280/board.
  10. My staff had unpacked a lot of stuff yesterday. A few customers whose fittings cannot be postponed came yesterday. I need to set up one more worktable to accommodate an intern or another staff. Interestingly for me, it is likely all four worktables will be solid oak---three already are. There will likely be a 16 feet long table exclusively for optimising the lay. This may be out of pine. I am still considering options for the flooring.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/luke_han_/reel/CYv003UhYpS/?utm_medium=copy_link What a strange cutting table. It is at desk height, not bench height. So the poor dude is bent over so badly doing something as trivial as thread marking. It is very fatiguing to be bent over like that and will make you into a hunchback after a couple decades.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CYwBDfblRFm/?utm_medium=copy_link The tropical tux I made recently. The customer wanted it extremely slim; it would not have been my personal preference. But otherwise I think it turned out quite well.
  13. The timestamp on this is 0:21. We started at 11am. Finally, all things in the new premises. Timestamp is 2:50am.
  14. We've left our hibernation bunker
  15. Definitively moving out of our covid hybernation bunker. Into our retail incubation chamber at Plaza Kelana Jaya.
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