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  1. Wah, I like your peak lapels. Long way since circa 2012. Still not digging the gap between collar and lapel, though. And that faux buttonhole on the lapel. Also, I intend to drop by one of these days. I'll get in touch with you again real soon -- sorry, been busy this past month!
  2. Spring Drive. I had a SD (non-GS) for a short while and I loved it. Still regret selling it. It's very accurate and doesn't require as frequent of a service as a hi-beat. Not that you necessarily need to send a hi-beat for service every five years (or whatever is stated in the manual) as Seikos are so robust anyway. Amongst other things...
  3. Your tumblr has a music player -- what is this, year 2000 with the proliferation of .blogspot widgets blaring teenage Green Day emo songs intended to convey the tribulations of middle school? Though it did make me glance at my calendar, just to be sure... Also, nice belt.
  4. That's not a surprise. Tactioception is perhaps the weakest of our five traditional senses.
  5. Also, the camera being "good" means good enough for taking photos meant for social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram et al.
  6. Ha, I think the keyboards on Android OS devices are horrible, too. But I've always been an iPhone user, so what do I know? P/S: I'm no Apple fan. I like the iOS because it's idiot-proof. That's it.
  7. Fuiyo, those lapels are nice. A bit more belly and it'll be close to what I've always wanted. But there's something weird about that button stance. The bottom button is positioned so far down in relation to the position of the top of the side pockets.
  8. I like those peak lapels. Very nice.
  9. Yummy. Do you now do templates for pockets on bastes? Or is this just for patch pockets?
  10. Let it be known that I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment punctuated in the last sentence of your post. I live (or at least, strive to) by that principle myself: live, not exist. Artificial prolonging at the expense of quality of life is a concept I find foolish. It matters not how long I live, but how I lived. However, as with all things, balance and moderation is key. Contrary to what the aforementioned principle seemingly extols, I am not going to; for instance, start abusing drugs and die an addict, and claim it was worth it (not that I'd be able to, at that time) because I enjoyed it and thus lived fully. But I am not going to deprive myself from some pleasures in life that people seem to be so against, stupidly saying, "it's not good for your health!" just because I may die a year or two earlier than if I had forgone them. Like a cigarette (I'm not a smoker), or a really greasy burger from a street stall that I can feel clog my arteries. Everyone is so afraid of mortality, of death, that they forget to really live. Everyone wants to live for a long time. Avoiding this food, or that activity, because it's "bad for health." When old age comes, I do not think lying in chronic, terminal illness in a hospice semi-conscious and all drugged up on morphine as living anymore. "I" am no longer alive. What makes me human is the component of my ego, and in such a state that component is largely gone. Then it really is just my body doing what it does to continue to exist. And I think it absolutely inhumane to keep a person alive in such a state. Anyway, my rambling aside, goldens are inherently rather inquisitive. I imagine that to be one of the reasons as to why it got run over. As it is, though, it was a Darwinian-survival-of-the-fittest evolution scenario, no mistake about it. But it certainly could have done with a little bit of training -- and that, to me, is the moderation part of it all.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that, Jeremy. I haven't been on here for months and that post of yours shocked me. What a sudden, unfortunate turn this thread took. I have a golden myself. I don't remember if I've ever mentioned it. Regrettably, it doesn't quite enjoy the lifestyle yours did: visiting beaches and waterfalls etc., but like you, I love it to bits. I had a german shepherd once, too; many years back, but I never grew quite as fond of it as I did for my golden. Also had a rottweiler. Loved her.
  12. Same, I'm in need of a pair of jeans that actually fit.
  13. Maybe you should think about getting a pet. It could do you lots of good.
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