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  1. Saw this list for goodyear welted shoe buying guide on Reddit. Thought some of you might be interested. A lot has changed over the course of a few years. Just shamelessly copying the whole list here. Since it’s been three years since the last buyers guide for Singapore was posted, and after reading through it I realised that some stores have since closed then, so, I’d decided to make a new one 1. CNES Shoemaker address: 259 Beach Rd, Singapore 19954 Price range: from S$190 to S$790 Link Reviews: by the Elegant Oxford by Justin Fitzpatrick 2. Jalan Sriwijaya address: 391 Orchard Rd, #03 - 02A, Singapore 238872 Price Range: from S$300 to S$355 Link 3. 51 Label address: 77 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-02, Singapore 169376 Price Range: S$329(it seems like all their models cost the same) Link 4. Yeossal address: 33A Circular Rd, Singapore 049389 Price range: S$253 to S$848 Link Reviews: By Kirby Allison By The Elegant Oxford Misiu Academy 5. Seamless Bespoke address: 16 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069696 Price range: S$328 to S$888 Link 6. Mason and Smith address: 98 Club St, Level 02 -02, Singapore 069467 Price range: S$90(secondhand) to S$1000 Link 7. American Shoe Store by Colony Clothing(Alden) address: #01-18A, 333A Orchard Rd, Mandarin Gallery, 238897 Price range: S$960 to S$1310 Link 8. Kevin Seah address: 5 Jln Kilang, #03-01 The Mill, Singapore 159405 Price range: S$180 to S$10000 Link 9. Last and Lapel address: 24A Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069704 Price range: S$300 to S$1250 Link Do let me know if I had missed anything! Thank you! Edit: added Misiu Academy’s video to Yeossal
  2. Rhetorical question: possible to make a pair of jeans so that it passes by airport inspections without setting off the alarms?
  3. Looks great. Got a pic of the finished back? Cotton Twill wears warm but then again, I am not sure if most wearers actually wear them on safaris or tropical jungles. Air-conditioning and mosquito bites are mostly "the elements" wearers have to combat.
  4. That's alright, no bubble being created or burst. I just buy new shoes and boots, according to what I can afford at that point in time.
  5. holymoly


    Are you buying up remaining stocks of Testa?
  6. Picked up a pair of dark navy Goodyear Welted derby boots from The Suit Company at one of their outlet stores in Japan. Seems interesting to me that shoemaking are now being outsourced to countries like Cambodia and Laos. I am not sure of the quality of the leather but the insides are decently comfortable. This pair comes with a storm welt too. Nails in back heels. Small little details mar it and you can see from the seams. I am not a shoe snob so I am none too bothered.
  7. Damn it 6. Those loafers are lovely!
  8. Much ado about nothing. CARMINA Shoe Review | Shoes are Taken Apart and Reviewed [youtube]18jemZYafpk[/youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18jemZYafpk
  9. You might be surprised to know several tailors are not as discerning about cloth fabrics as one might think. I also know a few who are fairly ‘colorblind’ with regards to shades and undertones.
  10. Its corrected leather. While I readily admit that I have given them more care, the boots were worn on week long trips without rotation. Yeah, I will not fix them.
  11. I am still not sure where Hubeross comes from. Or why it is found prevalent only in Southeast Asia.
  12. Leather quality and how it wears over time. I have not decided if I should save these boots. Certainly the cracks are pretty substantial. The inner sock lining has also been damaged in several areas (not shown).
  13. How my sole has been worn over years
  14. This is the most painful, as these have sentimental value. I love these boots but my curiosity is stronger so here it goes. Felt midsole with foam shock absorbent material on the forefoot and heel.
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