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  1. I love reading about your thoughts and tracking your progress. When we first met at one of the get togethers with the baron etc, you used to stare so intently into my eyes that it made me uncomfortable. Your presence was always very plain and dull but you truly come alive when you write! You are able to articulate feelings so well - your anger, excitement, love, joy, frustration, annoyance and hubris. 50% of Watatime was bought by the Lion Group - a quick Google search will tell you that. You are wrong about Watatime. It was struggling to survive during the good times. Lion had to lend them a total of RM 15 million in 2018 in order to keep them afloat. THG however is an amazing organisation, well run, with SGD180 million in cash and a 10% net margin. Between 2017 to 2019 they reduced their current liabilities by a whopping 70%. They are the very definition of cockroach. They own most of the stores they are in, own their own office building in Malaysia and will be able to their Malaysian entity has RM150million in their bank accounts. Don't forget, they are retailers and don't have ''factory overheads'' like Padini. The Ipoh born founder is declared a bankrupt solely because they don't allow her access to the holding company. The 2014 4 SLR 1149 case will explain a great deal of how the divorce basically locked her out of the holding company because Dr. Tay and his son controls 51% of the company. Back to Watatime. The geniuses at the retailer and Parkson did not bother checking the agreement they had with Tudor and Rolex prior to the JV. The agreement stipulated that the founders were the distributors and not the company. So when one of them left, they lost Rolex and Tudor. They were appointed a Tudor retailer recently and I hear will carry Rolex by 2022, which maybe the reason why Parkson is keeping them afloat. Parkson has 1.6B in cash. EF Lau
  2. I will add that both of them are not exclusive or limited.
  3. The GMT has a Mk 1 bezel. It has a purple tinge instead of blue. It's not a competition - there's nothing exclusive about a Rolex. 😏I like that we can order the Seiko from Lelong. Very convenient. Are 15 minutes intervals a significant thing during dives? The new batman is nice as well.
  4. When I first read paragraph, I was like WTF this kotmj killed another dog. You do have the propensity to let that happen!
  5. Great buttonholes. I was wondering what took you so long to respond. You were waiting for ammunition!! Finishing is improving as you gain more experience.
  6. Never assume I am amiable with you on anything, especially tailoring. What we can be amiable about is, What I've forgotten about tailoring is more than you ever knew about it. Just to give you an idea, I can identify a coat maker by looking at a buttonhole, and I know how much the cutter pays him per jacket. The knowledge asymmetry is humongous between us. Oh Jezza, I am sure it is! It astronomical, colossal, cosmical, monumental even Brobdingnagian. After all, only one person has the self applied post nominal title of Tailor behind our names. You would be an idiot to claim otherwise. If I agreed on anything, I was being facetious, baiting for a response. We have had hour long debates in your hotel room. I doubt we ever agree on anything. Master Tailor Tok. The KL tailoring scene in the palms of your hand. I suppose you were referring to Paone. I am actually happy with the fit of your suit. I am an easy man to dress. VERY easy. Just fucking disappointed with the finishing. Why bother then? Bloody absolute hit. BTW, if only we are able to accumulate the knowledge and experience from our forefathers, almost as if by osmosis. 3 generations means fuck all. John Hitcock retired last year. Was he well respected because he was simply great? Do I have first hand experience? His son Steven bangs around about it all the time, how his father was this and that. How he went through the same steps. I dislike it when marketing ( and you are an AMAZING marketer) dictates, they have been in the trade for 6 generations. Means jack all to me. The 5 generations could have done well, what about this one? I digress. Back to Ah Loke. I picked up the suit today! Fucking amazing! I will post pictures of it soon. Bar his price, I never had a problem with him. Oh and he is fucking stubborn. Experience is important, because a 15 year old Ah Loke and a 60 years old Ah Loke will have very different skill sets. You don't read things on the Internet, order a book from Japan and assume greatness. You must have mentioned this at least 25 times throughout forum history. But you only cut and fit. Not only do you refuse to, but you are unable to construct an entire suit by yourself. Your sifu agrees. Wait what? He knows my sifu? KL is small. This industry even more so. If you blame the customer, what good are you. Then again, as you previously mentioned, this is a forgiving industry. You are always quick to angst when your experience and quality of your products comes into question. Maybe like Pierre, you will ban me and make fun of my financial status. But then I have ordered 2 suits from you to a tune of RM12k and my family (read uncle) owns half of Bukit Bintang. I am sure many would have read your forum an decide to engage your services. I am sure happy clients will be posting their wares soon. It's just that they are so far and few between. Oh btw, have I mentioned how wonderful your marketing is? Regards, EF Lau.
  7. Keep us updated! You are so entertaining!
  8. EF Lau


    Ideally a tailor should be able to do all that. Measure, fit, cut, sew and sell. It just doesn't make sense, there is just no economy of scale. Therefore, as the tailor's reputation grow, he accepts apprentices, whom once they reach a certain standard will begin to take on part of the work load. An example would be Peter Frew, formerly of David Reeves. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/09/magazine/whats-a-4000-suit-worth.html?pagewanted=all https://www.thefinancialist.com/handmade-peter-frew-brooklyns-up-and-coming-mens-suitmaker/
  9. EF Lau


    Would that make you an equivalent of a checkout girl then?
  10. EF Lau


    https://twitter.com/amateursarto Here you go big fella. Although I must say Pierre Taylor as a name is no way conventional.
  11. EF Lau


    He was one of the pioneers on this forum. Had a misunderstanding with Jeremy and then left for awhile. I haven't seen him post in the longest of time, but I actually thinking that someone with tailoring knowledge should adjudicate MOP and Kotmj and bam he came by! Just as it was getting interesting he got himself kicked out. Although I must this reeks of Fusion Ex. Regards, EF Lau.
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