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  1. Petia

    Dress shoes

    Not too well. Event organisers have budget constraints and wants me to "work for exposure". Most people here prefer to do their own polishing. I am looking to go into conducting short courses since there is a demand. Details not firm yet.
  2. Petia

    Dress shoes

    Most of the year busy with renovation and moving house. Nothing to post so lurking in the shadows.
  3. Petia


    Yeah he is now my regular shirt maker.
  4. My friend found this in Mustafa Ctr
  5. Petia

    Dress shoes

    From recent unipair sale
  6. Blue linen shirt and camel chinos. Loden green chukkas
  7. Petia


    The straps hanging around are functional. If you don't know their functions perhaps its the wrong kind of bag you are using.
  8. Anyone attending Kevin Seah's party this Friday?
  9. I gotta buy an air ticket to Jarkarta one of the weekends!
  10. Collected my seersucker db from the Chipmunk (not-so) Mystery Tailor. Still need some fine tuning.
  11. Petia

    Casual shoes

    I like fisherman sandals but must be leather and primitive looking.
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