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  1. Been away for so long.A lot of big timers here now
  2. I want to know where i can get RM80 VBC please.Would make good everyday pants that I can just throw in the washing machine
  3. So am I correct to assume Mr Robert Lau that you've been raped by Ah Loke? Thats scary.
  4. The poor guys neck has been swallowed by the collar of his shirt.
  5. Buy the Saphir Renovatrice Cream http://www.saphirmedailledorshop.co.uk/saphir-edge-dressing.html
  6. Plal,Jalan Gasing PJ.They carry some nice double monks
  7. I despise them. For a jacket, they are bloody fantastic.
  8. I would be disappointed if someone who likes those lapels is called a peak lapel connoisseur
  9. That's fucking expensive.The only shoe I had topied cost me RM50
  10. Went for a fitting at Wardrobe yesterday. Was not as bad as I expected based on what I have heard and been told so far by its customer; they made quite a nice fitting jacket. The slim pants they made were really good. The problems that arose for the fitting were same problems that would have arisen at Ah Loke etc. I might try them out one day; from what I saw they were really2 accommodating.
  11. Most likely i'll just pick it up in Singapore.Hopefully Arc and another guy would also take 2 meters
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