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  1. Yes. It was a mistake on their part.
  2. There are plenty floating around. It's a slik - linen blend with subtle irregular flecks. Feels very light, porous but at the same time a relative substantial body means it should drape very well. I bought it for 2/3 the price quoted. http://dieworkwear.com/post/163457530289/final-call-for-summer-tweed I was thinking of a 2-roll-3, 2 patch and a boat breast pocket. Just weighing up which Neapolitan tailor to give it to. My problem is they delivered 2m when I requested for 2.5m. Regards,
  3. I have 2m. Happy to let it for for RM1,250 - postage included.
  4. I have 6. 3 from JT of which one has a weird as Milanese buttonhole.
  5. I am surprised he has allowed you to promote this here. He must be at a different price point
  6. WTF do you have 2 phones?
  7. They probably needed less cloth than you as well. Cloth hog. John
  8. The Malays won't get you.
  9. John

    Dress shoes

    Surely some of it is just plain satire. If not, that's just plain brutal.
  10. I prefer this lapel to the 2 March one. Answer my messages la.
  11. I account for close to 30% of your current production?
  12. ala Chittleborough & Morgan ?
  13. Is the Laksamana model new?
  14. John


    I think its very tight. Must have been cold as well. Nipples showing through.
  15. Fat is fat. Can't run away from it.
  16. Those lapel rolls. The pants. and what a beard !
  17. To say JT and Bespoked are competitors would do them both a disservice. Same industry but they both cater to very different clientele, personalities and budgets.
  18. Is that turf? Looks amazing.
  19. Come to think of it, it can't be you. Jeremy Tok can make a suit within a month.
  20. Hey that sounds a lot like a conversation I had with a tailor recently. Are you really Jeremy Tok?
  21. Where did you get the prints from?
  22. Seems like a rush every weekend. How to you maintain quality?
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