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  1. I am impressed Jeremy. Keep it coming.
  2. Nabilalif


    Those shirt pattern is very hard to make money out of it.
  3. Good idea on the future content which is on tailoring. Dylan & Son has done quite a few video on trousers before.
  4. Wow this is so helpful
  5. VBC Superbio 21 is magnificent.
  6. I go around with underwear. My balls stay in place.
  7. Nabilalif


    That photo brings you so many order.
  8. He drive BMW and friends with Norman Vilalta. He can afford one.
  9. Sayap bespoke open their branch in Sungai Petani Kedah. Why Sungai Petani?
  10. The order is above 40k? It makes my order looks like retarded kid.
  11. Nabilalif


    He maintained his weight
  12. Nabilalif


    Everytime i saw cloth from Alumo, I am scared to ask for the price. Would you be so kind to provide me your price to me personally.
  13. Size of the lapel is gorgeous
  14. I humbly seek my suit also shown here 😁
  15. I see that you always developing. You dont want to be comfortable. I find that the idea above is genius and very practical.
  16. Nabilalif


    Someone here be so kind to provide me with your review regarding Kamakura shirt?
  17. Buttonwell has a few colour that has gone sold out for almost one year.
  18. Vass F last in Museum Calf
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