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  1. Woh striking. The patterns, are they printed? Woven? Which bunch tho?
  2. Not a dimwit, in fact above average IQ. Looks like you may have found a keeper!
  3. No fitting, straight to finish? That's not bad.
  4. We are probably experiencing the fastest pace of inflation, worldwide, in real terms. All fiat currencies fail. Waiting to see what will happen when the USD fails. What happened to the Sky-Dweller?
  5. tax refund in kind 😆
  6. This may sounds like a silly question, but is there always a cloth in between the canvases?
  7. Such a drastic difference, on the one hand you have parent enabled kids who get to choose from an abundance of choices in life, probably without having to sacrifice much; on the other, young adults who do not have much to choose from, cannot afford to take risk, as there is simply no margin for error. Such big gap... Would be interesting to see how each of them progress in life, although that would mean a longitudinal study.
  8. They also impose strict KPIs to ensure the productivity maintain at a certain level. I think that works quite well when a production line is involved, i.e. factory/workshop setup. Engineering/creative fields are quite different tho. Surprise to know that all your employees enjoy such flexible working arrangement. What a privilege.
  9. wow at the speakers setup, especially so when taken into consideration its at a cutting table. is this a permanent setup?
  10. Would you say VBC Timeless is of a similar, if not the same, range as VBC Perennial?
  11. Yea, thumbnail, very important, click-bait is what some YouTubers do. When's the full video coming out? Can see that you are making much progress, quality must be good, high hopes!
  12. If you are using Windows 10, just set the network to metered connection, that should stop all Windows updates. All Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi -> (select your Wi-Fi network) -> Metered Connection, set to "On"
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