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  1. Not a dimwit, in fact above average IQ. Looks like you may have found a keeper!
  2. No fitting, straight to finish? That's not bad.
  3. We are probably experiencing the fastest pace of inflation, worldwide, in real terms. All fiat currencies fail. Waiting to see what will happen when the USD fails. What happened to the Sky-Dweller?
  4. tax refund in kind 😆
  5. This may sounds like a silly question, but is there always a cloth in between the canvases?
  6. Such a drastic difference, on the one hand you have parent enabled kids who get to choose from an abundance of choices in life, probably without having to sacrifice much; on the other, young adults who do not have much to choose from, cannot afford to take risk, as there is simply no margin for error. Such big gap... Would be interesting to see how each of them progress in life, although that would mean a longitudinal study.
  7. They also impose strict KPIs to ensure the productivity maintain at a certain level. I think that works quite well when a production line is involved, i.e. factory/workshop setup. Engineering/creative fields are quite different tho. Surprise to know that all your employees enjoy such flexible working arrangement. What a privilege.
  8. wow at the speakers setup, especially so when taken into consideration its at a cutting table. is this a permanent setup?
  9. Would you say VBC Timeless is of a similar, if not the same, range as VBC Perennial?
  10. Yea, thumbnail, very important, click-bait is what some YouTubers do. When's the full video coming out? Can see that you are making much progress, quality must be good, high hopes!
  11. If you are using Windows 10, just set the network to metered connection, that should stop all Windows updates. All Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi -> (select your Wi-Fi network) -> Metered Connection, set to "On"
  12. notice a glimmering effect on the left, around the shoji screens in the background, 1:00 runtime onwards, auto focus?
  13. Hmm.. good choice, Morgan was god after all. haha Looking forward to the productions from JT Studios!
  14. Poor arowana 🤣 Vault grade door!
  15. The talent acquisition department at JT Global has done a fine job.
  16. We have experienced a similar situation once, with a not-so-tailor tailor, more like a shopkeeper. It was a suit fitting for a friend, I was present. Shopkeeper was doing the fitting and he said this fitting is "special", we didn't understand that, just shrugged it off. Then, right before we left, I realized the fabric is different from what was selected initially (ever so slightly, different pattern, same color), so I asked my friend if he had changed it, he replied no. It was only then the shopkeeper admits that there was a mistake, the person who put the suit together use the selected fabric for the front of the suit, and then use a different (wrong) fabric for the back. We don't know if they use 2 patterns or 1, but still, we were surprised to find out what a mistake it was! Come to think of it, I can't but wonder, there must be another guy out there with our fabric used on the back of their suit, haha. Didn't commission them for any other suit thereafter.
  17. Apart from back office, management, and some sectors of service providers (those that work predominantly in an office with a laptop), this is simply not possible. I suppose the WFH bunch are only a potion of the workforce. By definition, to produce/work, people need to be at production facilities and work with tools (could be other humans). Unless their 'home' is the production facility (sole contributor, freelancer, etc.), this is simply not achievable. Which is why factories and construction sites and law enforcement and etc. cannot shutdown. It is simply not doable. Still, accounting, legal, customer service, IT, etc. these can WFH, to a certain extend, but as you can tell they produce services mostly, not goods. I might also add that they stand on top of the foundation of physical goods production, not unlike the dependence of carnivore on herbivore. We are already seeing physical retail stores in malls packed up and left, ignoring rental contracts. Even F&B outlets are impacted (especially cafes), it seems takeout orders are simply not enough to cover. They either sell the business, or simply liquidate the assets and close down. Guess what happens to the accountants of these businesses? Given the lower amount of traffic and economic activities, demand decreases so will production (as per your mention), but there is always a delay between production and consumption. We all know that Q420 is gonna get another hit if the Order gets an extension. It is just deflationary and detrimental. Hopefully this doesn't go beyond the point of no return. Apparently the fear of an entity can cause much havoc than the entity itself. *** By the way, beautiful music that. The former.
  18. 🤣 `Chicken` such apt adjective! Unfortunately we have cultivated a generation of snowflakes.
  19. woah~ top glove 🔥 any suits involved?
  20. I need to starve like you do man
  21. not too large for you? whats the face diameter?
  22. hmm.. the sculpture, made out of rocks?
  23. vrp

    Dress shoes

    Make it three piece. Someone has to keep the economy going~ XD
  24. The first package was announced by Tun M when he was interim PM. The one which includes BNM's SRF and reduction of employee's EPF contribution to 7%, and other stuffs. This is already a second package, which adds on top of the first. What I am seeing is, they have problems raising funds. There are 2 ways: Debt/deficit spending. In such emergency situation, the government can do a "spend first ask later" budget, but in the end it has to be tabled in the parliament, likely in the form of a supplementary budget. However, it seems this government is reluctant to do so. GLCs. But then again, they have their own problems right now, lots of mouths to feed. Or state owned investment vehicles/funds, if any (not sure if any of them sit on a large sums of cash). Therefore, I think they are between a rock and a hard place. One thing is for sure, this is turning into a global recession, and governments around the world are trying their best to prevent it from going into a depression. Deflation is extremely ugly.
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