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  1. Hi guys.. i was looking around to restock on marvis and came across charmwise.com.my.. which also has a physical shop somewhere in Puchong. Google pics shows some pretty awesome setup. Yeah...just thought of sharing this. Its like having 'Gifts & Care' in Malaysia. 😁
  2. He'd sure scored a nice one...Playa!!
  3. Pray tell more bout this knife.
  4. Dude... i've exactly the same problem with the side of my chin.. I've got through numerous brand of blades but still having the same problem thus thinking a more aggressive shaver cud be the answer. Thanks for the info Zinzan.
  5. Hey guys...ya know where i can source Lords blaze locally... nearly exhausted my Rapira blades and buying online nowdays is just too expensive for me. @ Zinzan I've been using EJ89 for 3 years now and i feel like i need a closer shave...any open comb head you know off that can fit into my EJ handle?..
  6. Dude..could you please enlighten me on what do you think is wrong with that pic?.. Honestly.. i'm still a newbie at the do's n don'ts of dressing up.. Just a guess..could it be that the tie is out of proportion?
  7. Ssshhh.. TS might hear you..!
  8. Haha.. Compiling evidence huh. Can't wait for Zarium to post 'Exhibit A'.
  9. uturn

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    ...and the seller put this watch valued at what??!
  10. uturn

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    Good info 6.. i'll be visiting Melbourne in Sept..hope i could find some good deals there.
  11. Demm.. how i wish to have moustache like his..
  12. uturn


    K-pop..?..unless u got a skinny body..skinny ties would look out of proportion...
  13. Foods in Jakarta are damn expensive..compared to here. But they taste so gooddd..
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