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  1. edetal

    Dress shoes

    This is a common technique used to cut costs. Unfortunately they are used in many of the "luxury" brands. I have seen them personally during my time as a cobbler. Leather wrapped plastic heel blocks, to full on wooden blocks, etc etc etc. There are so many ways to trick the unknowing customer. So many customers of mine come in thinking that wooden heel blocks are standard, and are always surprised when I tell them that they are supposed to be hand stacked leather. And then, there's leather heel stacks, and there's "leather heel stacks". The quality of leather used for the stacks makes a big difference as well.
  2. edetal

    Dress shoes

    If all their shoes are hand welted with a carved leather rib, I think they should put that on their marketing collateral. Not many companies can claim to hand welt all their shoes. I myself only do hand welting for bespoke commissions. Without many many skilled workers, it is simply not efficient to hand welt every single pair. Vass and Saint Crispins comes to mind.
  3. edetal

    Dress shoes

    Agreed! Very nice work in that case! Good to see other Asian manufacturers living up to standards and debunking the myth that only Europe makes good shoes. Some notes on the term Goodyear welting though; it is usually used for Goodyear welted shoes, i.e. when the welt is stitched down with the machine. The term Goodyear is inherited from the inventor of the machine. In this case, I would say that that particular pair of Sagara shoes are hand-welted, a superior technique when used with a carved leather rib.
  4. edetal

    Dress shoes

    Wow, that's a revelation. I honestly didn't think that Church's would use wooden heel stacks. We do learn something everyday!
  5. Singapore is a melting pot of cultural differences. Many many dialects are spoken here, Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew being the more common ones. Many Singaporeans can speak more than one dialect.
  6. edetal

    Dress shoes

  7. edetal

    Dress shoes

    Thanks guys for the feedback. In fact, our next collection is going back to our basics, which is producing dress shoes. Some designs includes an Adelaide, a wholecut, a two tone Saddle Oxford, and another design that I'll keep under wraps for now. Also in the works are some loafers with a twist. As we are very young still, we need some time to find our way in terms of our design philosophy. But first and foremost we are dress shoe makers.
  8. Yep, agree once again. We are not competing against the likes of the powerhouses though, just doing our thing and hope people talk about us and spread the word. The odd bad piece of publicity is unavoidable I suppose. Just one bad review on forums can achieve that effect too.
  9. I agree with this, but as small makers we need every ounce of publicity, especially when it's free. I do acknowledge that we need to be more selective with granting interviews, but we also have had very good journalists from mediocre publications do very good pieces (our recent coverage on the Chinese paper Lian He Zao Bao being one of these). It makes it difficult to decide when to reject free coverage, if ever.
  10. I couldn't agree more. I had a magazine feature done on us awhile back and one of the quotes totally twisted my words, and in some instances misrepresented me.
  11. Haha, that's on there for aesthetics only! You failed to mention the collection of whiskeys on the shelves below!
  12. Am more a whiskey man myself but I'm sure I can find something good!
  13. Hey guys! I just saw the video and to be honest I didn't realise they were going to put so much emphasis on the prices instead of the work. However, I do think it was more the editing and questions they posed that made it so rather than my client being ostentatious. By the way, my showroom doors are open for private Kerbau events if desired! No selling, just gathering around some whiskies! Let me know and I'll be keen to organise something!
  14. edetal

    Dress shoes

    The trees are hinged but not hollowed.. They now come lacquered as well!
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