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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZs8VQ6LxsY play loud on ADAM speakers
  2. I have been very busy finishing my other career meanwhile the covid. Then is time to resell by double those limited gems of Romentino.
  3. Congrats, first time a girl goes after you. How does it feels?
  4. Clean you mouth when you mention a proud jewish name and pay respect u goy or beduin druzo !
  5. I live now ouf of my culo, as you were asking. Chapero rules! BTW who is that sewer with so nasty and dirty nails?
  6. You by being hysterical and ruining the image of your business by doing the inmature!
  7. Your forum runs so bad that cracks when uploading pics! Ok I will send you more wrapped on Romentino fabrics as last time.
  8. I am psychologist now ( at least) And sorry to say Jeremy, you do punctuate quite high on several scales: Antisocial, you love to bash others for pleasure, lack of empathy and kill animals for pleasure, always upset against society or others. Narcissistic, to your side, almost all on clothes business are... I also was but got therapy and get cured. Thanks God for helping me improve. Passive agressive disorder, google about, always upset against all. Maybe you suffered trauma, bad nursing parents, irresponsable ones and so on? Bullying on school? Hidden and denied homosexuality? ( no joking, might be a cause) My speciality is trauma got by psychopaths and all the prior. To help the inocent from the guilty.
  9. Rockwell 6C is the best I have tried.
  10. You are a degenerate psychopath and I should denunce you for animal violence and walking dogs with no mask! Also to denunce you to the religious muslim authorities by having a nasty animal as the Fatua laws say about dogs. Respect law or die! go to prison you infidel!
  11. Shut up troll and place your respect to the judeochristian believings! You are a false prophet as well as Biden the faker and like those libtards of the unstyletackys.net Your forum is so bad that doesn´t allows yo upload 20.58k pics and “believe” the fake news until we expose the biggest scam ever: DEMOCRATS AND SOCIALISTS
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xotlq9YDWBY I am back from Hell and the dungeon to live in peace. Amen
  13. You can use it as jacket lining for the next Pitti.
  14. Just received 12 meters to sell in offer of this awesome slubby Carlo Barbera.
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