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Dress shoes


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Lets do a poll for the shoes that we aspire to have.Mine are as below:

1) Lattanzi

2) Bontoni,

3) Gaziano and Girling

4) Vass

5) Corthay

6) John Lobb (St James)

7) Edward Green


I am looking at getting some Dark Brown/Burgundy Vass Double Monks in the U last. Do let me know if you guys have any idea how to order the?Ive looked at margoandralph.com but their designs are limited while the budapester seems to never to respond to my emails. SF members Trombone and Kolecho also do not have any stock in my size.

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Hi fellers!


Vass is my favourite RTW thus far. If you have the budget, i hear Saint Crispin's is even sweeter.


Essentially Vass doesn't stock any models of the popular U or F last stuff, so you pretty much have to go MTO. Even when i visited the mothership in Budapest, this was the case. You can order them directly through Vass which is a real crapshot - they either dont reply your emails at all, or inadvertently mess up your details. Or you can pay a bit of a premium for insurance and order them through Kolecho, who is super reliable and can give you good advice re-fit, and possibly even style.

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Personally, paprikas capture my imagination, but fritzl's so-called "FAQ" on it is a long disjointed thread and nowhere is it clear just what they are, how they are different from normal shoes, how you go about ordering them or how much. I find the paprikas interesting because they seem rather wide and I have wide feet and because people who have them (shoe connoisseurs, every one of them) seem enthusiastic about them.

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Like these?




I think he kinda uses it as a catch all term for Austro Hungarian shoes. There are some that are deadstock pieces, bespoke pieces that were never collected, etc..mostly wood pegged construction AFAIK. Mine are a sample pair from a project he was working on with with Handmacher for which he had the leather made to his specs. While they started off quite stiff (as wood pegged soles tend to be i guess) they've worn in nicely now, and the last shape has really grown on me.

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There is a spectrum to tans and greys. If you pair light tan shoes with darker grey trousers, I can see why people find the look dissonant. Too much contrast. I regularly wear chestnut shoes with mid grey trousers and people do not say anything. But then nobody says anything about what I wear anymore, I guess I'm just too consistently different, like I dropped to earth from another planet. I do not like too much contrast between shoes and trousers.


It also depends on what kind of tan shoes.

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