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World Championships in Shoe Shining 2018




John Chung, 26, emerged as top dog in the World Championships in Shoe Shining 2018 last month — an actual annual competition organized by leading authorities on classic men’s shoes at the London Super Trunk Show. The founder of Singapore’s first artisanal shoe shine bar Mason and Smith went head to head with fellow finalists from UK and France, and it was Chung who impressed the judges on color, shine, and finesse.



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We all have Goodyear welted shoes, finding someone to do sole replacement is a bit of pain though. In fact, after 166 pages here, I am no less clear on where to do so. 

Found one by chance so here it is. Have not tried them personally, but I thought it is best to share.


Shoe Clinic

86 Redhill Close #01-596 Singapore 150086

Mobile: 91704700

Prices - approximate (best to bring down shoes)

Front sole topy/Vibram $55

Heel sole topy/Vibram $45

Full sole Vibram $90

Blake welted recrafting with full sole replacement (Vibram/Dainite) $120 (Black) $150 (Red/Blue/Orange) - will stitch in new midsole & polish leather 

<if you can source soles, then recrafting workmanship cost is $95>

Goodyear welted recrafting with full sole replacement (Vibram/Dainite/Leather) $205 - I only know of Ed et al., as the only other place to do this. Please correct me if I am wrong.  


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I ordered a pair of TLB loafers in dark brown suede from Yeossal as part of their black Friday sales. It just arrived and....it's too big for me. I've never worn a roomier UK7 than this. 

They are brand new, unworn. Size UK7. The perfect dark brown -- not too light, and not too dark that it seems black. And it comes in a mixed rubber + leather sole, which I always get when I get MTO. Super comfortable and durable, yet dressy enough. It's rare to find a non-MTO pair in this sole in a style I like, which is why I jumped on it. The shoes are lined but they are softer and more comfortable than my Carmina loafers somehow.


The discounted price I got it is SGD358. I'm willing to let it go at cost and without shipping fees/taxes at RM 1,100. . Since the fit is roomy, I bet many people can fit the UK7 of this pair. Let me know if anyone is interested. Need to move fast though as I'll need to decide if I want to return them.

I can COD in the KL/PJ area, or thereabouts.


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