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The Denim (contrast) Thread


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So I gave feedback to the designer on all the changes I want to see. 

I wish I get to work with more talented designers. But they are just very expensive. Of all the freelance designers, photographers and editors I've worked with over the years, none is any good at what they do. I am never impressed. I see that I see more than them. In other words, my awareness of design is greater than theirs. 

There was only one exception. The video editor who edited my TV commercials. I wonder if there will come a time when all the freelancers I use are on that level, when JT has a budget for design that is 5 figures each time anything gets designed. 

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On further reflection, wishing for constant and habitual access to such talents is like wishing for the best of everything. It's like wishing to have a retail location where Louis Vuitton is in Bukit Bintang. 

It's unrealistic. I have to make do with much less promising material. 

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I asked my supplier of jeans hardware in Tokyo if I had written it correctly. His reply:

 セルブィジーデニム ? I don't see this.

セルヴィッジ デニム or
セルビッチ or
セルビッヂ  or セルヴィッジ or セルヴィッチ

How to write is not fixed in Japan.
I often write this:

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This is one of the secret and proprietary ingredients that goes into Sava's luminescent paints. Rolex calls its compound Chromalight. A Swiss manufacturer calls theirs Superluminova. I call mine Verybrite. 


The arcuate and external logos will be printed with Verybrite. When you go to the cinema, everybody can see it's Sava you're wearing. 

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It took several years to get jeans off the ground. Much heavy lifting was required, literally and figuratively. 


These raw, mild steel rivets are very nice. I wonder if they are still nice when they rust. 


I applaud the customer for his choice of green thread. I applaud myself for steering him there. 


A daily companion in an easy-wearing 12oz Japanese selvedge denim. Featuring an unstretchable waistband for wear without a belt, full width double chamber front pockets for better segregation of coins, keys, wallet and phone, and with a practical zipper fly as requested by the customer. The edges of the fly have been decorated with a unique shell stitch. Rivets are in solid, raw steel. Cut to a pattern drafted uniquely for the customer, optimised for appearance and comfort.

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