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Not really interior, but related.


I once used to live in a place where I would lie in bed at night, and feel the mountain air move through the bedroom. The place is several degrees cooler than KL and surrounded by nature. I would think to myself how lucky I am too be living there, and how much I would miss the place if I moved.


Well, I had to move because I got a job in Shah Alam that paid much better. I've been missing that place, and the lifestyle, ever since. The air, the temperature, the always-empty swimming pool, the serenity.


I am making arrangements to move back there from Shah Alam. Can't wait!

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I like the colonial interior in the pictures of the Cameron Highland Resort Classy. Dark wood tends to add a touch of elegance and mystery.


Ate at Raffles Hotel's Bar & Billiard room yesterday. The ambiance was good. It's as if I wasn't eating in Singapore, and almost as if I wasn't in 2013, not doubt partly because there weren't many locals.


Locals tend to prefer buffets serving an international cuisine, with a wide spread, in a more modern interior -- The Line and Shang-rila, Meltz. And these restaurants tend to be packed with people, and tend to be extremely noisy. It disrupts the calm.


The Bar & Billiard Room, as immortalized in the novels of Rudyard Kipling etc, is quite different. There was also a couple of billiard tables that one could use, and a divan where I tasted cigars and took in the beauty of the trees as the bend under the strong wind and rain.


Food selection at the buffet was less wide than the others, since it was evident that they focused on quality, not quantity. Buffet selection included cod fish with red wine sauce, perfectly melt-in-your-mouth-tender beef cheeks, not those mass-produced roast chicken, leg of lamb, a steam-it-yourself tiger prawns basket. Canadian oysters, amongst a few other mains.The lobster bisque, and appetizers, like the crab caviar, were good quality, and the eggplant caviar was really quite tasty. There was also a selection of olives one could sample.





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I think German knives are quite terrible, in particular Wuesthof. This brand is essentially unavailable in Germany. Yes. You couldn't buy Wuesthof in Germany. It's one of those brands which are ubiquitous in the U.S., and is known as a German brand, but many Germans have never heard of it. The Germans use Henckels and WMF.


German knives are heavy, big, clunky, and impossible to sharpen.


Look what I bought today. Hard to justify, since I have so many pans already. But it's just the right size, and I have been waiting for it to appear for years.


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I went and saw an apartment today! A duplex penthouse overlooking a golf course and green hills. I used to live in this development, but moved to Shah Alam for my previous job. Now I'm moving back. It's actually in a different state, but no further from KL than Shah Alam is. It's a few degrees cooler than KL. There's a jungle path nearby through a fertile mountain valley where watercress is grown. There is a big waterfall around too, though I never found it.


Here's the view from the balcony. That guy is the property agent.




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I went rock climbing at Templar Park in my student days. Can't really recall the place now. Only remember had one of the best meal in my life in a makeshift stall under a highway flyover, unknown location as I was brought around by our hosts the KL local clan association rock climbers.

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Spent the last three days preparing to move house. It's really a lot of (physical) work.


My mother, whom I delegated part of the project to, just quit. Something about how the agent did not connect electricity to the apartment, and how I seem completely unconcerned about this and the fact that I have yet to find a mover.


She worked herself up into a frenzy of frustration and craziness. I find this to be typical of those who are not very smart. They seeth and fume when things are not going the way they think it should. Throw tempers, etc. These are the sort of people who will never lead anybody. Nobody wants to work for such personalities. They self-destruct.


Me, I just improvise. You just kinda execute. Wriggle. All the while, stay jovial, stay calm.

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P1 has no coverage in my new place. So I only have sporadic internet connection, mostly by going to the nearest McD, which is where I am right now.


I moved in yesterday. Here are some pics of the new place. My stuff is still all over the place. I don't feel quite normal today; just moving a few stuff leaves me breathless. BTW, the blue IKEA bags are perfect for moving house. I bought 11 of those.


The view out of the bedroom



Climb a flight of stairs, and there is another cavernous bedroom with a window alcove






The balcony






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I saw a lot of this brand of cast iron cookware at a local hardware chain.  Could kill someone with it.  Do you know apam balik?  The stuff they sell in Pasar Malams? Yeah...they use solid brass (i think) pans, and for the non-stick-ness they use (much to my surprise) chunks of hard-boiled egg yolks (about half a pea-size chunk per round). 

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