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Ashtray I picked up a while ago being used. De-stressing at 'home'. Honestly, the best place to smoke a cigar is in an air-conditioned windless room.


Good thing I'm not living with my parents (or with my partner) now, I'd catch a lot of flak if they find out I'm indulging in such a vice. Recently 'moved' into another home they used to rent out. It's vacant for the time being. Alas, this sanctuary of mine will be but a brief respite because it'll be rented out again. Sighs. Huge hassle though, having to run between homes to pick up stuff I need. Plus, I don't drive (that is, I don't own a car).



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Extremely pleased that I scored an exceptional deal. Just picked this up for the bathroom in my apartment.


It's a South African rosewood trekking basin (reproduction of campaign furniture that were built to be easily transported) from Pickett and Rail's Starbay collection. Their catalogue of furniture available here -- http://www.picketandrail.com/collections/starbay-bedroom/products/trekking-washbasin


Superbly constructed. If you peer carefully, you'll note that the wooden pieces of this washbasin have been put together with dovetail joints which is massively inconvenient. It's also been coated with seven layers of lacquer, and then French-polished. Solid rosewood. There were other options like Black walnut, Cavasingo, Bubinga and Umbila. Never heard of these woods 'cept for the black walnut. 





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I went to a distributor of teak furniture in Shah Alam today to get a feel for this wood and to explore options but ended up buying a desk/table. I am really impressed by the wood. I have little experience with teak until now because I've always found it a bit unlikable. I dislike the orangey tone and the cheap (sticky, uneven) feel of the varnish. Also most Indonesian teak furniture are rather ornate -- they are like the Indian rosewood furniture. I prefer a more Bauhausian aesthetic.


At the showroom, there was a lot of the brown and orangey teak, but they also have "natural" teak, which I what I bought. I saw three kinds of finish they label as "natural" teak:


a) a very clear coat of varnish (more accurately polyurethane) which does not alter the natural blonde colour of the teak but which gives the teak the touch of cheap (sticky) varnish


b ) a slightly yellow coat of varnish


c) unfinished teak which probably had some sort of wax rubbed into it


I found only c) to be likable.


The table itself is absolutely massively solid. There is some 30-40kg of really likable teak in it. The workmanship is not very industrialised, meaning, surfaces and lines are not totally regular. Much can be improved. But it is adequate.


The touch of the wood is absolutely smooth and cool. I find myself loving the feel of this in the hand.


The overall impression is very good. The price is ridiculously low.


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