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I got these from allposters.com. There are basically two kinds of prints. One is printed on a lithographic press -- the same process as printing illustrated books, magazines and calendars. The other type is inkjet printing, called giclee prints. Giclee are several times more expensive, but individual ink droplets are minute. Giclee is like a Retina screen.


But really, a successful capitalist like you should be bidding in auction for the originals.

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The Dalai Lama shows how interior design should be. Windows everywhere from all sides and from the floor to the ceiling.


Where the Dalai Lama does his strap changes, from bracelet to Nato, etc. Notice the preponderance of windows. All four walls of his room have windows. There are trees outside which cast interesting shapes and which cut down on glare. Also, all the furniture seems to be made of wood.

Only very few humans get to live in an interior like this. The vast majority of interiors are lit only from one side, and do not have foliage partly shielding it. Many interiors are not functional without some help from artificial lighting even during the day.

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