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Don't sweat too much about the choice of skin. I used to moderate and host a couple of forums and it was all hard work so I appreciate that you are fretting over the little details. The longevity of a forum depends on quality of postings and traffic.


On the little details, I have more to add. There is a logo on the Facebook page. If the logo is original, do you want to display it prominently on the forum? Next, my opinion is that the origins of TheKerbau should be stickered. I love an introduction and having a name TheKerbau does not necessarily make one associate with men's style. Third, I urge that if you have problems sustaining the website due to cost, please be frank. If this is not the last thing I will mention is that we already seen a couple of episodes of feuding. I suggest private messages be sent to calm things around. Like to think we are all fairly reasonable adults in real and virtual worlds.





I really appreciate your views. I think lots of people here do not bother to tell me what they think because they think I am privy to some higher knowledge in forum-running. I too am making it up as we go. There are vast bodies of knowledge in many fields like building construction, machine building, medicine, etc. There is none for forum management.


The overwhelming majority of people are hopeless at independently constructing bodies of knowledge. I was just reading Charlie Munger, and he made mention of a Carl Braun who built oil rigs at a time when the body of knowledge about oil rig building was inadequate. The guy figured many things out on his own, including reinventing the double ledger accounting system. Very few are like this.


About 20 years ago, project managers were like the old oil rig builders. They were lousy at what they do. Their projects die frequently. Their carreers died. Even today, project management has a really nascent BoK and as a result many projects are botched.


Medicine used to be this bad. But the BoK there was consistently built up and now you can take a bright 19 year old, train him in the BoK, and he will heal more than he kills.


Not so with forum management. I think many forums are run supremely badly.


Not many things about The Kerbau is capricious. I spent a lot of thought in the early founding months thinking about the strategy. Questions like, what is a forum about, really? The answer I arrived at was surprising.


Nowadays I have to think more about my business, so I am not really "developing" the forum. It has been stagnant in structure for quite a while.


But aspects of strategy are supremely important to me. I consider it a first order factor.


I'm writing all this so people have a better idea how I look at this matter.

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^^^ Thanks for that.


There is a disjoint between the description of this forum (menswear) and the actual content (extending to food, drinks, health, philosophy, cars, etc).  If the idea is to have all other interests as peripherals to the main subject of menswear, then perhaps the message can be made clearer.


The original description (pursuit of male indulgence) probably fits the content a bit better, but it diverges from strictly menswear, which may not coincide with your objectives.


The above may be intended or unintended, but I thought you might like to know.

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Just noticed a little rocket icon on the left of the screen. Hovering over it extends a bar to select "Performance" or "Normal." Performance stretches the content of the forum to the full width of my browser, and Normal centers it. Not bad.


Unfortunately there's no mobile version of this, so I'm still stuck with the IPB skin when on my iPhone (unless I select the desktop version).

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You say so because you're probably used to the layout of the older version. I was, too. Shows how habits and routine sometimes prevent us from, at first interaction, embracing innovation, and new stuff.



I am so old fashioned that liked more the other version, this is so white that blinds my eyes.

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