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The watch appreciation thread


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Watches are deeply emotive objects. My observation is that when you have a watch thread, the thread becomes a forum within a forum. The participants are watch nutheads who have no other interest. They are all watches, all the time. I like people who have a deep interest in a particular field, but these watch guys have only the most superficial knowledge about watches -- gained almost entirely via the demand creation efforts of the brands (a lot of which appears in the form of paid editorials by 3rd class journalists). They talk about movement finishing, and brand history and seem to be connoisseurs, but poke them a little bit and they reveal themselves to be brand whores at their core who rely on their watches to elevate their social status.

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I think this is a great looking watch. Put a dark brown strap on it and its simplicity makes it quite versatile. They are not as expensive as any of the omegas or rolex you big timers have but I think it does its job fairly well for the 99GBP price tag.



Those look great!

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