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I was introduced to wetshaving recently and find it fascinating. Right now I'm using an Edwin Jagger 8911 with Made in Japan Feather blades.





Got an Omega stand with it which fits the razor and brush perfectly.





Using Col. Ichabod Conk soap, a glycerin soap, but will buy a puck of Cella Crema Sapone soon.

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I, too do wetshaving, and my gear mirrors kotmj's somewhat:


Edwin Jagger DE89 razor on Feather blades:




I've tried several soaps, all in my rack below:



....but the best so far is this one I recently got:




I still lose out to kotmj in terms of brushes, though. Havent got my silvertip yet.




Stuff was either bought online or (in the case of some of the soaps and one of those brushes) at discount in London.


I tell you...the first person who opens shop here in KL will make money.

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I've been wetshaving for 6-7 years now, unlike the gentlemen above, my gear is mostly vintage (for the razors) and my brushes are boar brushes. Most of my soaps, creams, blades are either cheap or traded with people elsewhere on the Internets.


2 of my 3 vintages:



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They can steam the horns and shape them any way they want.


Had the best shave ever this morning. With minimal prep. I tried a new way of shaving this time. With the grain twice or thrice, then with progressive passes you get closer and closer in angle of attack to against the grain without actually going squarely against the grain. I find that going against the grain risks nicks, but crosswise to the grain doesn't result in a close shave. So I compromised and went in between these angles of attack. Beautiful results. No razor burn, no nicks. It does take about 10 minutes though.

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Have you gents ordered razors online before? Were there problems with delivery? I currently have a badger brush and cream from Penhaligon's (Endymion), but no stand nor a decent razor. I'll probably pick something up in Taipei next month, though, from the fantastic perfumery and men's grooming store Cyrano.

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I have found a way to chemically clean my chromed razor.


I took a glass, poured in some regular vinegar (the cheap stuff), heated it up in the microwave, then put the razor pieces into it. Left it there for 10 minutes. They came out almost like new.

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