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Arko is a great soap. Personally I like the citronella scent. 


For me its scent and whether my sensitive skin can handle the formula. 


Castle Forbes Lime is a highly regarded soap on the shave forums, but it irritates my skin and I can't get a good shave out of it. 

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New revelation for me, boar brushes are fantastic. 

My last brush purchase was made in 2013, when I acquired an EJ super badger. I thought it would be the only brush I would ever need, and it has been. That is, until a sexy Italian temptress came calling. 

About 2 weeks ago I acquired a Zenith boar brush, made in Palermo by Pennellificio Pandolfo. Solid aluminium handle, with pristine long blonde boar hairs. The brush is made in the traditional Italian barber brush archetype. The current standard for this sort of brush is the Omega 48 "Professional". Omegas come with plastic handles which are hollow, but being made from solid aluminium, the Zenith has much more heft and it comes off as really well manufactured.   
I was always under the impression that boar was the lowest grade of brush in the spectrum of shave brushes; they are cheap, reportedly scratchy, and in need of a substantial break in period before they begin to soften and lose their animal smell. 
How wrong I was. Within 10 shaves, this Zenith is much softer and more luxurious than my super badger ever was. And by all accounts it will only continue to break in and soften more over time (but I'm fine even if this is the peak of its comfort). 
If you use just the tips of the brush to lather as you would with a badger, you experience nothing but plush softness. 
If you apply a little more pressure whilst lathering on your face, the bristles have a great spring to them (wrongly described as "stiff" in shave forums IMO) compared to a badger. I get nice pressure and feedback from the bristles on my skin which I feel lifts and softens up facial hair (I do this on my chin where the hairs are thickest). 
A truly wonderful brush; especially considering this was roughly £11 (this is with VAT). My super badger from EJ was circa £40. 









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Recently purchased a Feather Artist Club shavette. Arrived today so took it on its maiden shave this morning. 

A really well made piece of kit, gave a super close shave with 1 pass. It could be down to the feather SE blades which go into this. My old Wex shavette took Personna blades. 


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I was considering getting a true straight razor, the sustainability aspect of having zero waste was quite appealing. But I was deterred by the need to have it sharpened by a blade expert every so often, and also you need to baby it by keeping it dry/oiled to prevent rusting.

The weight of the Feather DX really sets it apart from the other shavette I was using. The mechanism to insert blades into this thing is also pure genius. 

I might even play around with a feather Kamisori style Japanese razor at some point, but I'm cautious I'm starting to hoard razors...




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