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The suiting thread


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The recruitment process at JT is currently:

1. At the application stage, I want to see the SPM results. I want to see at least a few A's, and very few C's or lower.

2. During the interview, they sit for an IQ test and a manual dexterity test. 

This pretty much assures that the person can do the job.

What is missing is the speed component. Most people work excruciatingly slowly with their hands.

I would send my employees the following videos to give them an idea of what "commercial speed" means.




I need to find a way to test for manual speed. Just like with manual dexterity, unless you have it in you, it is almost impossible to acquire.

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19 hours ago, kotmj said:

Man, LKY is so intellectually honest. I can't believe this guy wins any elections. Neurotypicals (majority of the population) feel threatened by neurodivergents like LKY. They see people like LKY as aliens from another planet. As cold; impersonal.

Neurotypicals normally vote for people who will let them eat their seeds today and borrow as much as possible, and sugarcoat everything. It is a mystery to me how LKY wins any elections.

Amazingly candid responses with substance.

I suppose being the founding father of a nation offers you a certain level of goodwill. 


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If you listen to his speeches and lectures over the decades of his life, it makes you feel like you live in a failed state. Regardless of where you live, it will appear like a failed state. He has such unique and startling insights into what the government actually must do. 

Critics would say that despite all the praise for LKY, Singaporeans as a lot are quite underwhelming. Well, humans as a lot are underwhelming. Nothing to do with LKY. 

Charlie Munger is a big fan of LKY. 


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Something really odd about the current government.

When Najib introduced GST, it was accompanied by a huge PR push to make it palatable. For Najib, if he somehow can get the people to accept GST, it is a huge win for the government. Tax collection so much broader based, and easier. 

Yet, GST is a big reason why he lost the last election. 

Muhyiddin seems oblivious that the default Rm10k fine for SOP violation is as unpopular as GST. But, unlike GST, it doesn't even benefit the government. In other words, Muhyiddin's image as a benign, caring PM (crafted by his great, great speechwriter) has been irreversibly damaged, and all for what potential gain? He doesn't even bother one bit to sell the need for Rm10k to the public. No PR. I hope getting Takiyuddin to tell you to go plead with an IQ 80 district health officer is not his idea of PR. Takiyuddin can't sell a thing. 

Most people see the magnitude of the fine as the government wanting to break you. No government can afford to be seen in that light and somehow win an election. 

I'm beginning to think he is not a very smart person. He might even be low IQ enough to think meeting MBS is a PR win, while the people here are disgusted at the Rm10k fine. He would need 500 meets with MBS to neutralise the popularity loss from the Rm10k fine. For me, MBS is a murderer, so meeting him doesn't endear you to me, but I realise the general population is very ignorant. I mean, Anwar thinks the world of Erdogan. How dumb. 

I see the same pattern repeated with the abolishment of the quarantine requirement for ministers in Malaysia. Hugely derided, but Muhyiddin simply did not bother to make it palatable. Just silence. Najib would have found a semi-plausible reason for it if he had done it. I think Najib has higher IQ than Muhyiddin. 

I think right now, PN is less popular than BN before the previous election. 

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My take on LKY: he struck a balance between being the typical strict Asian parent type whilst creating a siege mentality, which led to sufficient prosperity to finance an obvious rise in the general standard of living. You have to admit that his oratory skills are not in the inspirational manner, but rather it is a very simplistic, rational and relatively patient manner (which is rare. Typically short fuses go together with sharp minds). With the majority Confucian culture the education/skills first policies would have been much easier to implement and everybody went along with it. Their new generation of politicians is significantly less visionary though not as bumbling as most non-Communist Asian politicians.

On Muhyiddin: he’s done for and he knows it. His party doesn’t have a leg to stand on and will likely be absorbed into UMNO 2 GEs from now at the latest. All he’s doing is prepping smokescreens for when the pandemic is ‘over’ and run on a savior ticket, hoping for a graceful retirement. Unfortunately no Malaysian leaders have the benevolence, intelligence or public spirit needed for the job so he’s sort of the best of the worst.

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Have you people heard of a Prof Allan Lichtman? He developed a system of predicting whether a US President remains in office or not. 


Here, I apply his system to the Malaysian context.

1. Party Mandate. (After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats inthe U.S. House of Representatives than it did after the previous midterm elections.) 

In the latter half of his leadership, yes, I think Muhyiddin has more seats than in the first half. 

2. Contest. (There is no serious contest for the incumbent-party nomination.) 

Yes, there seems no serious alternative to Muhyiddin within PN. 

3. Incumbency. (The incumbent-party candidate is the sitting president.) 


4. Third party. (There is no significant third party or independent campaign.) 

Yes. There will be two major blocks. No real 3rd party. 

5. Short term economy (The economy is not in recession during the election campaign.) 

Nope. It will be in recession during campaigning. 

6. Long-term economy. (Real per-capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms.) 

Nope. We are recessionary. 

7. Policy change. (The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy.) 

Nope. No real change in policy. 

8. Social unrest. (There is no sustained social unrest during the term.) 

Yup. No demonstrations in Malaysia. 

9. Scandal. (The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal.) 

Nope. The incumbent administration is itself a scandal. 

10. Foreign/military failure. (The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs.) 

Yes, that's true. No military failure. 

11. Foreign/military success. (The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs.) 

Nope. No military success. 

12. Incumbent charisma. (The incumbent-party candidate is charismatic or a national hero.) 

Muhyiddin has never been charismatic. 

13. Challenger charisma. (The challenging-party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero.) 

Nope. I personally find Anwar extremely mediocre and probably not very smart but somehow most people find him charismatic. 


I count 6 yes's and 7 no's.

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Unbelievable! Indeed (the job site) now lets you prescribe screening tests for applicants as part of their job application. These applicants have to sit for the screening modules you, the employer, have selected before they can send their application to you. 

I thought I saw 6 different screening modules. Typically, these modules take 3-5 minutes to answer. 

One of these modules was super interesting to me. The module is called Cognitive Ability. It's a bona fide IQ test. 

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A few years ago, back when riding in Grab was a novelty for me (I was a very late adopter) and Uber was still operating, I would make conversation with the drivers.

I am naturally very curious, as you are, too. (That's why you read this forum.) I wanted to know many things about them. One of the things I wanted to know was: why do you drive for Grab and not Uber?

They did not hesitate with their answers. They knew exactly why they are on Grab and not Uber. it boiled down to the POLICIES that Grab set compared to Uber. Policies regarding driver compensation, policies that cause modulation of customer behaviours, etc. These policies were very fluid. Both Grab and Uber were constantly fine tuning their driver-side and customer-side policies.

Nobody said they drove for Grab due to the quality of the app. It was the quality of the policies. The rules of the game as set by Grab.

The war between Grab and Uber was one of policies.

Ever since then, I have been very conscious that I am a policy-making organ. I must take the job of setting policies very seriously. It is a real job.

One day, a customer came to pick up his suit. He was previously with Bain & Co, and was then with Grab. I asked him: is there a committee that meets to set driver-side and customer-side policies at Grab?

I wanted to know everything about how Grab manages its policy-making organ.

He looked at me blankly. He has no idea what I was talking about. I asked the question a few ways, but I could see he has never considered the policy-making aspect at his workplace.

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People seem to think there will be an election soon.

I know when the election will be held. 

It will be held when Bersatu thinks it can go into elections and Muhyiddin ends up PM again. No earlier. 

Until then, there will be no elections. 

I also know when Parliament will reconvene. 

It will reconvene when Muhyiddin commands the majority of MPs. No earlier. 

So, nothing will happen for a long time. 

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I applied for my own job opening on Indeed. I wanted to see how the overall experience is like, and how the assessment module Cognitive Ability is like. 

It's a real IQ test that gets increasingly tougher as you progress. It tests only pattern recognition and, in the more advanced stages, working memory. Nothing verbal or numeric. 


My results. It took me 21 minutes to complete. Alas it gives only a very crude indicator of IQ. Basically, it puts you in one of five categories. 


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Wow I am impressed with the industry of Bespooked. 

They have a large stable of celebrities / domestic and foreign dignitaries wearing their garments featured on their website and social media. This includes English/Malaysian leading “it” man Henry Goulding and beloved sportsman Lee Chong Wei. Even Khairy is a supporter. 

They have 4 global locations in HKG, MY, Papua NG, and AUS. 

Guessing their prices must be approaching (if not exceeding) WW Chan! To think their global flagship in 1U is 10 mins from my home. 

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Scrolling through their instagram turns up alot of very garish stuff. Reminds me of Kevin Seah. 

There are a few examples of more subdued commissions, often ruined by horrendous pick stitching on the lapels which is a shame as it really cheapens the look. 

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They definitely understand neurotypical-centric marketing better than I do. 

They also totally understand retail. Something I am not inclined towards. 

I may have to partner with someone to help supply the neurotypical-centric marketing and the retail know-how and retail WILLINGNESS. (The willingness to sit in a shopping mall 10 hours a day.) 

I don't think they have a physical presence in HK. What they probably have is a PR agency they pay money to in order to establish connections to movie/drama producers. The garments are most probably supplied foc in exchange for publicity. 

Not sure what they actually do in PNG. Don't think they have a shop there. 

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Anwar probably has an IQ<120. Najib is head-and-shoulders smarter than he is. Anwar held a press conference today to tell you what? That despite the defections, he still "has the numbers". Retard. 

Anwar was completely played by everyone: Mahathir, his deputy, and more recently Zahid. The tragedy of not being smart enough!


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I mean, if Bespoked really had a "practice" in HK (wtf can a Malaysian tailor add to the HK tailoring landscape?), you would see their shop in HK. There is none. He fits his HK celebrities at THEIR places. 

Second, you would see pictures of regular HK customers on their IG. Bank employees, business owners, lawyers, more lawyers, even more lawyers, etc. There is none. All their HK customers are in the show biz. Isn't this unusual? 

So, I surmise they really don't have a HK practice apart from some projects to supply suits for certain drama productions. They very probably secured these roles through an intermediary which specialises in giving you publicity in exchange for cash, i.e. a PR agency. 

Many businesses use agencies to market themselves. I am always shocked when I am told how much these businesses spend on them. 

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Anwar might not even have enough IQ to intern at JT. 

In reality, you need like maybe 160 points of IQ to be PM. It's a very competitive job (many, many people fighting for it), it has many moving parts, and there are many partners. 

Mahathir was incredible in these complex environments.

Even Najib was very good at it. 

Anwar simply lacks the pure cognitive ability to, first, get the job, and when he gets it, to stay in the job. 

It's a very common problem. 

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All floorstanding speakers are designed for listening in the seated position.

However, I work mostly while standing. 

So, I had to get bookshelf speakers and somehow bring them to ear level in the standing position. 

I managed to find 41" speaker stands originally intended for the surround speakers in a home theater setup. They are partially filled with sand. 

Everything is modular so I can move them around easily. 

I was watching a YouTube video on my phone, which is visible in the picture. About pollution of rivers in NZ due to cattle farming. Or was it the huge indebtedness of Australians due to home loans. The sound came through the speakers. 

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Oh, I didn't make it clear. 

I don't normally buy bookshelf speakers. I much, much, much prefer large floorstanders. 

Bookshelves make the sound so small and restricted. Large floorstanders fill the room with majestic sound effortlessly. 

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A few weeks ago, Germany came out of what must have been its 3rd lockdown. Lots of activities were again possible. Merkel stressed that there is an "emergency brake" button to this. If cases rise again, Germany will again go into lockdown. 

Well, guess what. Cases rose. It is now considering another lockdown. 

Why do I feel it will be likewise here. 

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