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Hello guys, this was a shirt I made with Ah Loke last year. It's 120 cotton and very comfortable, but I think there's some significant fit issues with it. Especially at the mid section where there are many horizontal lines.


Please feel free to critique what is wrong with this shirt, so that I can have a better one made in the future. Thanks.


p.s. This was my first ever bespoke shirt.


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I'm not sure about the other areas, only what I can discern from the pic. You may also have to increase the back width going by the strain creases on the front of the upper sleeve. The first button can be positioned lower if you like that kind of thing; if you feel the shirt sort of strangulating you (just a mental imagery, the shirt is doing nothing of the sort). Maybe a 1/4" drop of the first button (not the collar button but the one just below it).

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couldn't think of anywhere more appropriate to post this so i decided to do it here.


spotted the father and son team of lord's tailor during lunch.


the son was wearing a suit that was cut way too slim, and the pattern matching on the father's shirt was off for 1 sleeve.


if 1 of you young techies can teach me how to upload pics i can give you a better idea.

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kotmj is like a computer genius.






both were wearing brown shoes with black pants. lords jr.'s jacket was way too short for someone of his height. uncle lords had a very interesting shirt fabric. unfortunately, the pattern from the shoulder to arm only matched on 1 side. it was reversed on the other side. this can be seen clearly in the 2nd picture. rookie mistake or fashion statement?

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I think G&R is one of the better value for money shriting fabrics compared to SIC Tess and Carlo Riva.


Personally, I have tried their Cam2000 and Luna ranges. The Cam2000 is a 120/2 while the Luna is 170/2.


Although the Luna has a silky, fine and fragile feel; after so many washes it continues to be the same as when I first got it from the tailor.





You bought which particular range for your customer?

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